Beautiful Native House Design that always Makes You Miss It -- There are people who prefer to live in modern homes with the conveniences of modernity that are easily available. Meanwhile, there are still many people who like to live in a native house, close to nature surrounded by pleasant natural freshness. Just like this Beautiful Native House Design that always Makes You Miss It

This native house is perfect for holiday home designs or homes for small families. Strong natural elements with comfortable interiors will make you always to come back here. 

Super Fresh Native House Fa├žade

From the outside, this house looks and feels so fresh. Various tropical plants are directly planted along the path leading to the house, making it look like a magnificent natural welcoming road. Not to mention the design of the house in a built-in native setting with bamboo walls, which makes it look harmonious. 

Native house cemented in the ground

The house is not cemented in the ground, like a traditional stilt house. Rather, it is cemented into the ground. The owner also incorporated materials, such as stone, tile, and mortar, into the building. Makes it look sturdier. Even so, the natural impression is no less, thanks to the use of wood and bamboo on building construction. 

House Interiors

A native house doesn't mean it has to be filled with old-school furniture. Entering the house, you will be greeted by a living room with a modern touch. The owner put the TV as home entertainment. The position of the TV on a wooden cabinet, so that a touch of nature not left behind. The TV area also decorated with photos that make the interior seem personal and warm.

Living Room Design

Imagine how fresh this living room is? White tile floors with wooden benches can be a fresh and perfect combination. Plenty of windows all over the house, make it harmony with the theme of the house, which emphasizes fresh natural elements. The pink sheer curtains on the windows provide some privacy you might need. 

One space made high

Here you will find several places. There is a minimalist kitchen and a living space, which could be a bedroom. What catches the eye is the small staircase leading to the space within the wooden walls and pink curtains. The floor elevation is made higher, to provide dynamism and boundaries between the kitchen areas. 

Let the air, freely enter the living space

Living space are designed to allow as much air and natural light as possible into the house. Windows made of woo with cavities make it happen easily. It would be be even better, if this window could be opened and closed easily, in order to provide the required privacy. 

Simple Bedroom Design

This bedroom uses a wooden bed that makes it a theme with other rooms. Beds also look warmer and cuter, even with a simple choice of bed linens like this one. The open windows help to provide better air circulation for the bedroom. 

Useful corner of the room

No matter how small it is, the corner of the bedroom can be used. This corner is suitable for furniture with right angles such as a blue plastic cabinet. The corner can also be filled with a bench to sit around this lovely bedroom. 

Hopefully, those Beautiful Native House Design that always Makes You Miss It is useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about native or bahay kubo design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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