7 Easy Landscaping Ideas Around the House for Small Spaces

7 Easy Landscaping Ideas Around the House for Small Spaces


Helloshabby.com -- Just because you have a small size of land around the house makes you lazy to change its appearance? Even though, you can overcome it by creating a beautiful landscape around the house. Even besides a small house and close to neighbors, you can decorate with an infinite variety of landscaping models. Check out 7 easy ways to change landscaping at home in the review below:

 Create landscaping with the concept of dry garden


The idea of landscaping in this small yard may look quick, difficult. But you can make is successfully without the help of the services of a garden maker. Just a patch of land, open land you can cover using natural rocks so that it will be more aesthetic. Prepare outdoor plants with the easiest care such as cactus, dracaena or other plants.

Create an interesting view and look spacious


A simple way to create a small landscaping in your home is to create a square design. Elevation differs between landscaping and gardens, and house are made low to high to appear dimensional. Neatly arrange all ornamental plants on the periphery without touching the ornamental grass that is emptied into a water catchment spot.


Perfect landscaping combine



Small size you can make a home garden in a makeshift landscape. Garden houses with a beautiful blend of coral rocks as land cover united with a path that will make the perfect view.


Complete landscaping in front of the house


Small landscaping sizes you can maximize to make a home garden. Not necessarily with ornamental plants only, choose the type of productive plants that can produce fruit when the time comes. Decorated with other accents in the form of hanging plants around the terrace is stylish.


Small landscaping in the corner of the yard


It is not a problem to create a fresh landscape  and make the interior scenery so meaningful. Create a landscaping in the corner of the yard that is good for air circulation. For example, do the back or next to the room to make a modern open concept room. Prepare a patch of area and fill it using vines or flower plants.


Landscaping with garden spots


The next idea that you can apply when you have a small landscaping at home is to create a spot per plant. The shape of a circle pattern that you can fill with tree plants or vines to make it more stylish.


Landscaping in the corner of the house


In order to function properly, you can make a small spot in the corner of the house with open landscaping that must be a place for ornamental plants or just access to the footpath. Provide a small spot to place all kinds of plants, either hanging or neatly arranged on the floor.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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