7 Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Helloshabby.com -- Turn a small bedroom into heaven for you. A place where you are free to be yourself, a place to relax to a place to recharge energy and positivity. A small bedroom should not lose your personal style and touch. That way, having a small bedroom will not be entirely bad and annoying. Thus, we've gathered 7 Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms. Those ideas will encourage you to make the most of your small space into the best and relaxing bedroom. 


Mattress on the floor ideas


Mattresses are usually to be placed on a platform. Even so, mattress on the floor is commonly done in some countries. This method will give a spacious look into a small room. You can also save costs, without the need to buy a platform. Coat the mattress with rug underneath to keep it warm and avoid mold. Beautify the room with a choice of soft and beautiful bedsheet like this one. 

Pick warm and soothing color scheme


Neutral colors have a significant impact on the decor of a small bedroom. White, beige and gray help you to create a bedroom that looks spacious and relaxed. The first example is painting the walls in white. Next, you can add soft colors on soft furnishings to enhance its appearance. A pink throw, curtains, and more make this room so pretty and relaxing. 

Shiny floor


The floor is the part you always step on. However, the floor has a big effect on comfort. For a small bedroom, you can minimize the furniture scattered around on the floor, so the bedroom is not getting narrower. Clean the floor! If necessary, clean it with a special liquid that makes the floor look shining and splendid.  

Clean and relaxing bedroom


For those of you who like a small bedroom that is not so vibrant, this bedroom design will suit you. The choice of sleek furniture and muted colors makes this bedroom feel cozy and calm. The bedroom also looks more attractive with floral and plant patterns from the bed and pillow covers used. 

Bright and classy small bedroom


Lets us switch to a small bedroom with a brighter, cheerful color. You can add bright colors like yellow, mustard, or orange to the soft furnishings. Bright colors will raise a positive mood in anyone who likes it. The classy impression also comes with a choice of bed with high headboard and a classy chandelier. 

Monochrome bedroom design


Making a bedroom in thematic colors will give you satisfaction. You can choose a monochrome theme for your small bedroom. This theme is easy to apply, with lots of furniture and soft furnishings in black and white. Thus, making white walls and mattress in black is a dynamic combination. 

Pink aesthetic bedroom


There are many ways to have an aesthetic bedroom. You can play up the main bedroom wall by adding wall molding in a random pattern. Wall patterns like this produce visual dynamics in the bedroom. Grab other aesthetic decorations like flowers in vase that is so pretty. 

Hopefully, those 7 Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small bedroom ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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