7+ Small (But Mighty) Kitchens to Steal Inspiration From

Helloshabby.com -- Somehow, a small kitchen challenge us. Either way, we have to cleverly organize and dress up a small kitchen. Thus, we can make good use of every space, and the small kitchen will look so stylish and tidy. This article would like to help you optimize a small kitchen in your home. You can play with color, spatial planning to kitchen storage ideas. Here are 7+ Small (But Mighty) Kitchens to Steal Inspiration From.

Pink small kitchen ideas


Dare to apply certain colors in your small kitchen. For some people, a pink kitchen like this looks too much. But for others it is self-freedom at home. It doesn't matter if you use an all-pink color for the walls and kitchen furniture. However, try to add white to the backsplash to provide a balance that's pleasing to the eye and feel. 

Wall-mounted open storage


Running out of space to put your cooking utensils? If your wall is still empty, make it by creating wall-mounted open storage. Floating shelves and cabinets will be the perfect place to display your beautiful collection of cooking utensils and tea sets. 

Attractive small kitchen design ideas


Another, a nice small kitchen design. The pink color scheme and Hello Kitty accents all make this kitchen so appealing. In the small square footage, the kitchen already has a stove, cabinetry, prep-area and a sink. Seasonings are also neatly lined up on a floating shelf above the sink, which makes the cooking process easier. 

Clean hallway kitchen


A kitchen in a small hallway is not a bad idea. You can design a kitchen with an L-shaped to optimize it. The removal of the upper cabinet will make the hallway kitchen more spacious and airy. Beautify it by adding a slick decor on the empty kitchen wall. 

Bright small kitchen design


A clean kitchen is a dream, whether it's a large or small kitchen. You can make it in a clean white look like this. As a contrast, choose a countertop in black to give an exotic impression. Wooden cabinets give a rustic look for this one. Install window to provide airy and brightness to the kitchen. 

U-shaped kitchen ideas


For a small kitchen, an U-shaped kitchen is not a big deal. You can apply this kitchen form to the concept of an open kitchen. The bar table or countertop will act double. It can be a barrier between the kitchen and other living space areas. 

Thematic and lively small kitchen


A small kitchen can be your comfort zone. Make it as you wish. For example, by designing a small kitchen in Doraemons' animated concept with a fresh and vibrant blue and white color. 

Unique backsplash kitchen ideas


However, a small kitchen should also have a backsplash. Choose a backsplash design as attractive and sturdy as possible. This backsplash will protect the kitchen wall structure and provide visual beauty to the small kitchen. 

Hopefully, those 7+ Small (But Mighty) Kitchens to Steal Inspiration From are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small bathroom ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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