Bahay Half Amakan Design in 65 sqm Floor Area with 2 Bedroom -- Although modern home design is increasingly popular, but the house's amakan may not be left behind, especially for the Philippines. Amakan house or sawali is one of the prides of native culture of the Philippines. Beautiful traditional woven bamboo being used as walls and wall cladding. Make the house feel so natural.

Uniquely, now, the Amakan house design can also be combined with modern house design, we call it bahay half amakan. With a touch of amakan style, the house design will look even more rustic and tropical. For you, here are Bahay Half Amakan Design in 65 sqm Floor Area with 2 Bedroom.

Facade view design of the house

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The design of this house looks so beautiful from the outside. With the combination of exposed brick and woven bamboo walls provide aesthetic details, calm but also sturdy impression. The choice of tile using red material will perfect this Bahay half amakan design. Make the house feel cool and stunning. 

Front porch design

To enter the main door, you'll find a front porch of the house. This terrace is in the middle of the front building, with a protruding roof that shelters it. The exposed cement floor blend beautifully with the wooden features on the terrace. For example, the use of a small fence on the terrace of wood and woven bamboo that forms hexagonal patterns. 

House design side view

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There is still a side area, which function well as a motorbike parking for residents of the house. This area is still quite-shaded by the roof, so the vehicle will be protected from the rain that may hit. 

Amakan details

This house design use traditional woven split-bamboo mats. It has various traditional patterns such as diagonal and repeating diamonds' shape. The wall of this Amakan panelling wall will remain firmly attached to the wooden frame and plastered with strong bamboo. 

Outdoor landscaping design

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Consider the design of the outdoor landscape of the house. You can make the house seem surrounded by neatly shaved greenery to form a natural fence that refreshes the atmosphere of the house. 

Home design back view

This is what the back design of the house looks like. The design is not much different from the front area and sides of the house. With amakan bamboo panels surrounding the house. This woven split-bamboo mats tend to light and breathable, allowing air circulation stay cool in hot tropical climates. 

Interior design

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This is what the interior design and layout in the house looks like. This house has features a porch, living area, dining area, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1 toilet and bath, and service area. Estimated construction cost of around Php 250,000 - Php 350,000. Actual cost may vary depending on the location and site characteristic. 

Hopefully, those Bahay Half Amakan Design in 65 sqm Floor Area with 2 Bedroom are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about modern Amakan house design. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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