Cool Kitchen Under Stairs Design For Your Home -- Designing a kitchen under stairs is a smart way to maximize a narrow room. The basement of the stairs will be a pity if you leave it empty. Even with a limited size, you can design a kitchen that is still comfortable.

If you're looking for inspiration, we've compiled examples of cool kitchen under stairs design for your home that you can use a a guide!

Scandinavian-style under-stairs kitchen


The design of the kitchen under the stairs is simple, and filled with white color is a hallmark of Scandinavian style. Natural lighting that can enter to the maximum is also one of the characteristic of Scandinavian styles that bring balance. A beautiful kitchen design can increase the passion for cooking.


Kitchen under stairs with pastel shades


Want to bring a more homey kitchen atmosphere? Try using a soothing pastel kitchen cabinet. One line-shaped kitchen cabinets look functional under the stairs. Moreover, this room is narrow, with the use of bright colors will reflect the kitchen feels relieved.

Kitchen under the stairs in tropical style

The kitchen feels fresher with a touch of green color and the dominance of environmentally friendly furniture. The use of wood materials can create a warmer kitchen. Especially if you combine it with greenery decorations that can liven up the atmosphere of the room.

Kitchen island under stairs


Designing a fully equipped kitchen with island facilities will greatly help you in maximizing a small room. The island table functioned as a place of food preparation as well as a functional dining table. Very effective, isn't it?

Kitchen and laundry room under stairs


Not just the kitchen, to help save space. Kitchen ideas designed with laundry rooms above can inspire you. That way, while waiting for clothes in the wash, you can do cooking activities. Both activities will run more effectively and efficiently.

That's the review of cool kitchen under stairs design for your home. May i inspire you.

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Editor       : Munawaroh

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