The Best 7 Living Room Ideas for Beautiful Home Design -- Designing and decorating a living room is a fun thing to do. There are endless option for you to make a comfy and beautiful living room. You can play with any color schemes, any patterns and  any style that you like. If you have the best style for the living room, it can be your place for talk and entertain your guest. It's also a great place for reading or watching television. 

So, we've gathered the best ideas to spruce up the living room. For more ideas, here are The Best 7 Living Room Ideas for Beautiful Home Design.

Green and orange living room ideas


This living room will remind you of the fresh oranges just picked from the tree. The all-green nuances on the walls, green rugs and pillow cases provide a slick and beautiful maximum freshness. Everything is getting great with orange accents around the living room. The orange and green create a unique and comfy living room. 

Cozy living room without big sofa


Not all living room have large sofas. If you feel you don't need it or the dimension of the room don't fit, you can get rid of the big sofa. Replace with modern coastal living room chairs. This design looks more neat, spacious and airy. You can give wall decorations in the form of wooden shelves to give a harmonious feel. 

Open living room design


The open living room offers a different kind of comfort. You can make the living room appear surrounded by glass windows to display the freshness of the outdoor view. The smooth exposed cement floor feels warmer with a round tug placed in the middle of this living room. 

Beautiful living room with wooden accent


There's something magical about a living room with wooden accents. Wood accents around the living room will give a warm, rustic and aesthetic look. It's great to use a wooden TV cabinet. This wooden cabinet is quite-large, in harmony with the wooden ceiling used. 


One more living room design that provides maximum comfort. You can paint the living room walls in white. Use a brown sofa to give a deep color that matches the wooden floor used. Put some neutral colored sofa cushions to enliven the living room. Add plant decorations in the corner to refresh the living room atmosphere. 

Colorful living room ideas


Add style to the living room by incorporating a variety of colors. The mustard sofa looked matching the pink coastal chair next to it. Everything looks brighter with rugs in bright gradations of colors, from blue to orange. It gives a unique visual, as fresh as sea of blue at dusk. 

Simple and minimalist living room


A beautiful home design doesn't always a vibrant and crowded living room. If you like it, you can design the living room with simple and minimalist arrangement. The neutral color palette of the furniture gives an attractive impression in its simplicity. The towering white walls felt empty without decoration. You can fill it with three-color paintings that sweetens the room. The use of decorating cacti that stand upright is also perfect for filling the vertical space.  

Hopefully, those The Best 7 Living Room Ideas for Beautiful Home Design are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about living room ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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