Inspiring Small Green Home Decor Ideas for Green Lovers -- Many people like bright green color as the theme of their home. If you are one of them, maybe this green home decor idea will be an interesting inspiration for you. The design of this house is embodied in a small area, even so, the shades of green outside and inside do not make the house look narrow and small. A good arrangement makes this green house look spacious and has its-own charm. 

For you, a green lover, here are Inspiring Small Green Home Decor Ideas for Green Lovers.

Exterior of the house in green

Hayacinth Rodique Gibaga

Those who like green tend to want a fresh and bright impression on the exterior appearance of the house. Just like this house! Green color as the final color for the exterior wall. With a combination of lime green and olive green. The combination of dark and light green makes this house not look excessive. 

Gorgeous green living room ideas

It's okay to make the interior in green. You can make it more different by choosing a brighter green wall color. A selection of more concentrated green curtains with pseudo-green sheer in a tendril pattern, giving the appearance of a dynamic green living room. Not much furniture or decorations are placed in the living area, that's why, the room looks wider and airy. 

Light gray seating and tables

Hayacinth Rodique Gibaga

A room full of green needs something to make it more balanced. Because green is a vibrant color and easily attracts attention, balance it with the choice of furniture in a more neutral color. For example,  choose a sofa or seat and coffee table in light gray like this. The living room becomes richer with a choice of sofa cushions in ethnic pattern like this. 

White TV backdrop

The living room can be a place for you to relax every day. Add entertainment features to your living area for you to enjoy it. You can put the television on a white backdrop. This white backdrop is also equipped with shelves to display decorations that beautify the room. 

Open-space model in green

Hayacinth Rodique Gibaga

As said before, this house belongs to a small house. So, don't be surprised if there is an open space in it. This area connect the living area with the kitchen and dining area without any partitions or walls. Open space concept make the room more spacious. The ceiling in white also gives the space a bright look. 

Kitchen and dining area

The kitchen here is only used as a dry kitchen, a place to put food or make favorite drinks. The kitchen design has a white upper cabinetry and a bottom cabinet in green, so the kitchen blend naturally with the concept of green home d├ęcor. 

Unlike the dining area deliberately has tables and dining chairs in black. The black color becomes a beautiful contrast, which makes the room not look monotonous. 

Bunk bedroom in green

Hayacinth Rodique Gibaga

This bedroom design is not much different from the concept of the main living areas. Green walls with green curtains that block out the sun, so it's not too dazzling. This bedroom has bunk beds that are good for sharing bedroom design for the sibling. 

Perfect white furniture 

Deep green colors like this in a small space can make you easily tired, avoid that impression by adding other colors in the bedroom. For example, choosing furniture in white. This would be the perfect combination for a green bedroom. 

Hopefully, those Inspiring Small Green Home Decor Ideas for Green Lovers are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small green home decor and design ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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