Landscaping Ideas "Natural Privacy Fence" Fill Nature to the Fence


7 Landscaping Ideas "Natural Privacy Fence" Fill Nature to the Fence -- Living fences will bring out interesting fantasies with a natural impression into the home environment. Living fences are widely used by various countries, in addition to their function as making freshness and new sustainable alternatives to be more harmonious. This idea will offer new decorations that you can apply to any style of house.

Fence with planter bag


This first idea will bring more functionality than for the impression of privacy around the house. Use each side of the fence with planter bags planted with strawberries or other productive plants. You can maximize this fence as well as a planting medium using water.

Natural fence with live plants


The new combination for natural fencing at home is from wood material with wood plant accents. Space that is still on the side can be maximized again for living plants such as bamboo trees or other vines that are more exotic. Flowering plants can also be an option for you to combine a more stylish fence.

Hanging plants for the fence of the house


The impression of privacy to complement the environment of your home is to use simple decorations from this hanging plant. You can't pull all the plants around the fence because this will probably make the fence have too heavy a load. Simple design, you can use hanging plants with beautiful flower plants.

Fence with wooden containers for succulent type plants


A house made private will give the impression of safe and comfortable when doing activities. The availability of land that is still wide you can maximize for the placement of the fence of the house which is then combined with plants of one type of succulent. Arrange neatly in a wooden container and make a hanging model like this.

Fence of the house with vertical garden concept


The last idea that you can apply to the fence model is to use the concept of vertical garden. As well as being a beautiful area in the house, this concept will also be a slick combination with various plants. It will be suitable if it is with the concept of hydroponics that uses water media.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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