2-Story House Design with a size of 6m x 7m (84 sqm) Total Floor Area | 3 Bedrooms

Helloshabby.com -- Is it possible to build a comfortable house with a limited land size of 6m x 7m? The answer might be. You can realize a dream house with a building area of 6x7 meters only. Like the design that we will show you below. 

The design of this house carries the concept of  a two-story house. That way, this small building can accommodate more of the spaces needed for a decent family residence. This is an example of a home design that you can apply, if you have limited land and a small budget. 

For more details, here are 2-Story House Design with a size of 6m x 7m (84 sqm) Total Floor Area | 3 Bedrooms.

Two-story house facade design

3D KH Design

The front view of this house carriers a minimalist architecture style. With a simple box shape that looks symmetrical and minimal detail. The exterior paint color uses neutral shades, such as light gray with dark gray accents and a little white paint. These colors give a minimalist but modern facade look. 

Optimized glass window function

The thing that might easily catch your attention is the intensity of the use of glass windows. Glass windows are installed in various shapes, which make the house look dynamic. These glass windows function so that air and sunlight can easily enter the house. That way, the humidity in the house will always be maintained. 

House design top view

3D KH Design

Let's discuss the use of roof construction in this house. This house uses a flat roof design. The flat roof model is quite suitable for urban areas. This roof model is also strong and can save on roofing costs, because you don't need to install more complicated roof truss.

Exterior features

This house design does not only have a front porch. There is also a small terrace at the back of the house. The front and back terraces are connected by a small path, to make walking more comfortable and avoid the muddy ground. This small path will also increase the curb appealing. 

Simple balcony design

3D KH Design

The outside of the second floor is used as an open balcony. This balcony can be used for an outdoor relaxing space. It also makes the house more dynamic and does not seem like  a monotonous and closed box building.

Estimated budget

To build this house at least you have to prepare around 2.1M pesos / $42,000 USD.

First floor plan

This house has a fairly simple layout with a multistory volume of space. On the first floor with 42 square meters total floor area, you'll find a living area, dining and kitchen area, master bedroom with en suite bathroom, powder room and service area. The open floor plan unites the living, dining area and kitchen. An open floor without partition or a dividing wall will make the room more spacious. 

Second floor plan

3D KH Design

On the second floor with 42 square meters, you'll find bedroom 1, bedroom 2, common bathroom and balcony or terrace. Each room on the second floor also has glass windows to optimize the air and light entering the room, so the room does not feel hot and stuffy. 

Living room design

In a small house, the design of the living room for entertaining guests and informal daily use, it is enough to make it like the picture above. With a sofa and green rug that gives color to the room. The green rug is also a visual divider between the living area and dining area zones. 

Bright and airy kitchen and dining area

3D KH Design

The kitchen in this small house still looks attractive and neat. The kitchen uses the L-shaped layout, which is suitable for the open space concept. Kitchen storage can take advantage of cabinets installed in the kitchen. The kitchen and dining area will also feel bright and fresh, thanks to the lighting from the large window right between the kitchen and dining area.

Hopefully, those 2-Story House Design with a size of 6m x 7m (84 sqm) Total Floor Area | 3 Bedrooms are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about house plan ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
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Source     :  3D KH Design

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