7 House Design Ideas with STORE

Helloshabby.com -- In some countries, the design of a house with a store may sound unusual. However, this is a common thing to exist, especially in homes in Asia. Home as a residence and store at once. Having a store can indeed be a source of investment. It also helps the neighbors around the house to get the items they need. 

Design a house with a store is the right idea to increase family income, without having to rent a special space for the store. For more ideas, here are 7 House Design Ideas with STORE.

Home design with grocery store


Building a house and shop, you are free to customize the type of shop you want to create. One of the practical things is to set up a grocery store. Store and home access made differently. One side is for access to the house, and the other side is a shop complete with benches for customers. This will make access to the house and shop unobstructed. 

Design of a two-story house with a store

Maximizing a two-story house as a family residence as well as a shop to increase income. The design of this house has a shop area that look separate from the residential house. The two are separated by a wall in front of the shop as a barrier. Designs like this give clarity, where is the residential and shop areas. Thus, the comfort and privacy of the occupants of the house is not so disturbed. 

Minimalist home and store design


Minimalist home design you can complete with a store. Use a gray color palette for the color of the house. This color gives the impression of a more modern home. The store building is more overhanging forward than house, to make it easier for the shopper to access the store. Store signage was also installed to make it easier for a shopper to find a store around them. 

Two-story house with a convenience store

The shop house can be built with a two-story model. Instead of a terrace, the front of the house used as a convenience store. The top floor and some part of the ground floor used as a  family residence. 

This house and shop equipped with glass windows that will provide good lighting into the shop and into the rooms. The house has a light beige color and exposed brick accents, giving the impression of a modern and natural home.

Shop house design with a modern look

The house built with a minimalist style in a simple and sturdy geometric shape. The symmetrical shape of the building with a gray look will give the appearance of a modern shophouse, far from being tacky. 

The front of the house used for a small shop. Minimalist benches placed for customers to wait. The shop design without a fence, while the house has a fence for the barriers, which also adds a sense of privacy and security to the residents of the house. 

House with shop and roof deck


You can have a two-story house with many facilities. Starting from shops, residential houses, and  roof decks. The design of this house eliminates the usual front porch as access to the main door. However, you can get an open land as a fresh green garden. There is also a roof deck which is good for relaxing with a shop underneath. 

House design with store and carport

In the previous store house design, it was quite difficult for you to get a carport, due to limited space. However, this design is able to bring more facilities at home. There is a carport for parking cars, a terrace to go to the main door of the house, and a shop. Exterior features are also cooler with the roof deck above the carport. You can build the design of this shop house with a large enough land area.

Hopefully, those 7 House Design Ideas with STORE are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about house design ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : Facebook/PORMA HOUSE

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