7 Inspiring Retro Kitchen Ideas

7 Inspiring Retro Kitchen Ideas


Helloshabby.com -- Retro-style kitchen are in great demand and are very popular, found in various homes. The kitchen with a retro  style is quite synonymous with a fun arrangement, festive and funny design. With a combination of vintage elements, special colors to typical decor will be one of the characteristics of a retro-style kitchen at home. You can listen some review that will be your additional references.

Retro-style dream kitchen with notched floors


The first idea that you can apply to a retro-style kitchen is with a small checkered shape on the floor selection of the room. You can use black and white floor ceramics that will make a classic and timeless impression in the room.


Pop-art everywhere


This retro-style kitchen design will perfectly enhance your space. Kitchen design a retro pop-art theme you can place in various areas such as cabinets, preparation tables, backsplash to the floor.


Use old school equipment



To dominate the retro-style kitchen space, you can present vintage items and modern equipment such as the use of stove to pastel shades that will gibe the charm of the space more charming.


Fill with retro-style red


Like the previous design, the red color is also very strong to dominate the typical retro-style kitchen space, inviting the impression of contrasting retro style that dominate. Prioritize red accents in some areas, such as the use of cabinets or other furniture, that will look striking.


New style with open shelf design


The next idea you can prepare to arrange a retro style kitchen at home that will give the perfect look for the house. Use kitchen tools placed in an open shelves that will have great influence on the retro kitchen at home.


Retro design with polka dot motif


In this idea, you can enter to arrange a typical retro style kitchen with polka dot motif. You can place in any area that fits the right place, such as the floor, even wallpaper. This image pattern will help with a refreshing, funky impression. Use several other options such as the use of tablecloths, curtains to the backsplash area.


Typical wall displays


A retro kitchen will be very distinctive using the beautiful decorations around it. Wall displays will enhance the retro-styles kitchen, a fitted pop-art. If you usually empty the backsplash area, this time you can place a beautiful decoration in the form of small plates that are a little Mediterranean style.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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