Favorite Pink Home Decor Ideas: Simple and Easy to Try

Helloshabby.com -- Would you like to have a house in pink decor? If so, we have the inspiration for you. Like a beautiful pink house has a home enthusiast @mamorvitronela. This pink house does not look superfluous. It's so beautiful from outside and inside. The choice of decoration and interior arrangement is so good, and easy to try, even in a small house. 

So, here are Favorite Pink Home Decor Ideas: Simple and Easy to Try.

Pink paint for the exterior of the house


From the outside, this house has a fairly small and simple building shape. A personal touch comes in from the pink paint color on the exterior wall. This pink wall blends beautifully with black windows and white sills on it. There are a little green accents, with steps lined with green carpets and cactus plants that refresh the home look. 

Pink green terrace garden 

The exterior of the house has a terrace area. The terrace can be used as a small relaxing garden. Pink wall paint works well with shades of green from wall decor and green carpet on the floor. The owner put a swing bench and bean bag as a place to relax and enjoy the terrace garden vibe.  

A comfy living room with pink decor


What makes a comfortable living room? It's not about bulky furniture and vibrant decor. Even with an ordinary sofa and gray stool with not many decorations, you can create a comfy living room. A house in a pink theme, incomplete without pink decorations. Add pink to the soft furnishing in a living room, such as a throw sofa, rug and sofa cushion covers.

Simple TV Room 

In addition to the living room, this pink house also has a special area to gather and watch TV together. This area looks spacious, with only a pair of rattan chairs and a rattan table, as well as dry plant decoration in the corner. This room left in white, so the pink color is not dominant, and it is easy to get bored. 

Pink wall for TV area background


There is a part of the wall that is painted pink, as in the color of the exterior wall. This wall is the background to install a TV on the wall. This wall is also beautified with decorations that you can easily get, such as beautiful ornamental frames and miniature windows with flower boxes. 

Elegant black kitchen

Too many shades of pink tend to make you bored with the atmosphere of the house. Present a kitchen, apart from the pink color. You can pick the cabinet and countertop in black. The black kitchen offers you many good things. It is not easily to look dirty. This black kitchen also offers elegant visual with white accents on the cabinets. 

Pink and rustic dining area


Here, you'll find a dining area, a place to enjoy food together. Previously, you tend to see modern minimalist-style decorations. The dining area is more unique with rustic decorations in it. The set of chairs and dining table looks harmonious with rustic decorations, such as woven rattan wall decorations, baskets and lampshade made of bamboo and so on. This makes the pink tones more stylish and less boring. 

Sweet pink bedroom

A pink bedroom must be owned by a pink lover. Pink wall paint is better combined with a plain floor like this. Plain flooring will make you free to put furniture in any color, including pink. Two combinations of pink and white will provide personal pleasure and tranquility when you are in the pink bedroom. 

Pink wallpaper wall


Pink is suitable for various styles, one of which is the style of a shabby chic room like this. This area used as a laundry room. The shabby chic style can be seen on the walls with the old-school pattern wallpaper in pink, which gives an antique and sweet impression at the same time. 

A clean corner

One clean corner is in the house. This place has a sink with a hanging mirror, which will make it easier for you to touch up. Standing shelves used to place slippers at home. Don't forget the shades of pink on the walls, which make the house harmonious from the front to the back corner. 

Hopefully, those Favorite Pink Home Decor Ideas: Simple and Easy to Try are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about pink home decor ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni

Editor       : Munawaroh

Source     : instagram/mamorvitronela

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