7 Split Level Home Interiors To Inspire Your Decorating


 Helloshabby.com -- Split-level houses can present the impression of a small house feeling relieved. Having a split-level house is also one solution for those of you who live in a house with limited land. That way you can have the opportunity to have more space, with narrow land.

If you decide to choose a split-level house, let's read on about the review of 7 split level home interiors to inspire your decorating below!


 1. Have extra space

 The design of the split-level house is proven to make you get additional space. You can also use it as a functional space. For example, specially designed into a cozy family room. For the interior. Do not use a sofa, but you can replace it with a floor pillow to avoid the full impression of the room.


 2. Split-level house with natural lighting


 There are many things you need to prepare when designing a split-level house. One of them ensures the house gets maximum natural lighting. The interior design of the following split-level houses equipped with a void that allows the house to look more aesthetic.

3. Scandinavians-style living room

The dominance of the interior nuanced earthy tone colors managed to make the atmosphere of the living room more peaceful. You can combine with eco-friendly furniture that is characteristic of Scandinavian style. Neat interior arrangements also contains of the house more homey.

4. Using elegant wooden furniture

Want to bring a cozy room? It is best to use elegant wood furniture. The top floor almost filled with charming wooden touches. Moreover, the combination of warm white lighting makes the atmosphere of the room warmer.

5. Interior design of open plan concept

Interior design with the concept of an open plan can present the impression of a narrow room that looks spacious. Between the living room and the dining room, specially designed without a partition of the room. That the room feels more relieved.

6. Cozy simple bedroom

The interior design of the bedroom designed simply. Not many decorations used, so the room also looks spacious even with a limited size. For the focal point, you can sue a beautiful motif bedsheet.

7. Minimalist-style master bedroom

The master bedroom located on the second floor. Narrow size not a problem to deign a comfortable bedroom. The selection of furniture and neat arrangement is the key to presenting a comfortable space You can position the bed near the window so that the room feels more relieved.

That's 7 split level home interiors to inspire your decorating. I hope the information above is useful.

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

Source     : House PH


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