Fun and Adorable Kids' Bedroom Designs and Ideas -- Children are pearls for their parents. Surely, as parents, we want to present the best bedroom for them. Create a bedroom that your children love. Elementary school-age children tend to like bright and fun color combinations. Placing their toys as room decoration can also be done to make an adorable child's bedroom.  If you need more ideas and design to create a fun kid's bedroom, keep reading for 6 Fun and Adorable Kids' Bedroom Designs and Ideas.

Pinkish and adorable kid's bedroom design


Girls tend to like feminine and soft colors like pink. You can make this color the main theme of a girl's bedroom. Combine it with bluish walls with cooler tones, so the room is not too flashy. Use pink on the bed canopy, toy shelves and some furniture and decorations. This pink bedroom will certainly be loved by your daughter. 

Sharing bedroom ideas


For a house with limited space, you can work around this by choosing a sharing room design for your two children. Make the room look fun with your kid's favorite colors. You can use a wooden bed for each child. Use a bed model with underneath cabinets, so the bedroom has more storage space. 

Bright and colorful kid's bedroom design


Make your child dare to sleep alone by choosing a colorful room design like this one. The sky blue walls combine beautifully with pop decorations that are just right for children. Add colorful accents by choosing soft furnishings in colors other than blue, such as a rainbow rug, 3-color pillow and so on. 

Simple and cozy bedroom ideas


Ask your child, first, what kind of bedroom they want. If she prefers a simple bedroom but still look adorable, this bedroom design is for her. A green accent on white walls add a splash of color, so a simple bedroom doesn't look boring. 

Adorable patterned walls

Maximizing the wall design for a child's room. You can add cute patterns in light colors. This wall make the atmosphere in the kids' bedroom brighter and more fun. Additionally, use the wall to install floating shelves specifically for a collection of children's reading books. 

Astronaut theme bedroom ideas


Boys bedroom looks cool with astronaut theme. The cool astronaut theme can even be applied to a small bedroom. You can start from bed sheets with a space pattern and color. Create an imaginative wall by installing astronaut-style stickers or paintings. 

Hopefully, those Fun and Adorable Kids' Bedroom Designs and Ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about kid's bedroom design and ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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