6 x 8.2 Meters Half Amakan House Design with 3 Bedrooms

Helloshabby.com -- Many requests have come in for more Amakan house designs. Amakan's house is different in a good way. A house that uses a lot of natural materials, such as wood and bamboo, to create a fresh impression and blend with nature. This house is also suitable for lower income. With natural materials easily available and can be build on a limited floor area. You can also keep it modern with a half Amakan house model. Just take a look at these 6 x 8.2 Meters Half Amakan House Design with 3 Bedrooms!

Half Amakan Wall 

Design by Compass90

The Amakan concept is clearly seen from the use of bamboo mat walls in a repeating diamond pattern. The appearance is so distinctive and give a rustic impression. This Amakan half wall will also blend nicely with the plants in front of the house. Makes the house so fresh.

Shady front terrace

This half Amakan house has a small terrace in front of the house. It can be used as a place to sit outside the house. Add shade such as a roof to keep it from getting to hot when the sun is scorching all day long. 

Half Amakan Half Cements

To be able to stand strong, it's good for the Amakan house to use the Half Amakan half cement concept. Construction of cement material into the foundation and part of wall. Solid walls will make the Amakan house stronger and more durable against weather changes. 

Interior Ideas

Design by Compass90

You'll be greeted by a modern-style interior, which blends with the traditional vibe. This impression can be seen from the use of modern and space-saving furniture. The presence of woven bamboo walls adds a touch of ethnicity that is even more stunning. 

Wooden ceiling

The use of wooden ceilings further enhances the room in the house. The wooden ceiling gives a harmonious natural impression for the design of a half Amakan house. Wooden ceilings can also absorb heat well, quite fitting for those of you who live in a tropical climate. 

Living Room Design

Even though it's small, your living room can still look stylish. You can add TV features with the console table, also install some vertical shelves to display decorations. That's why, the room will feel so cozy even in small spaces. 

Dining and Kitchen Design

Design by Compass90

The dining and kitchen area becomes one with the living room. However, the presence of a wooden partition makes the division of space more clearly visible. This room has a window large enough to brighten up the dining and kitchen area. 

Master Bedroom

This bedroom has a design that is not inferior to other modern rooms. Large furniture such as wardrobes and beds use navy blue and white colors that make the room look stylish. 

Tiny Room Design

There is one bedroom with a tiny room concept. You may often see this room in tiny house designs. With a sleek and minimalist furniture that give off an elegant look and impression. 

Bedroom Design
Design by Compass90

Another bedroom design with modern and half Amakan design. The bedroom has modern furniture that look good even with traditional bamboo wall like this one. This woven bamboo wall also used as a place to display a modern painting that enhance the visual appealing. 

House Plan

Design by Compass90

This 6 x 8.2 meters have entry porch in 2.9 x 2.45 Meters, master bedroom in 3.1 x 3 Meters, bedroom 2 in 2 x 2.6 Meters, living area in 2.9 x 2.35 Meters, dining and kitchen area in 2.9 x 2.5 Meters, bedroom 3 in 3.1 x 2.6 Meters, toilet and bathroom in 2 x 1.65 Meters. 

Hopefully, those 6 x 8.2 Meters Half Amakan House Design with 3 Bedrooms are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about Amakan house design and ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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Design by Compass90

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