7 Small Kitchen Simple Ideas, Bright and Homey!

7 Small Kitchen Simple Ideas, Bright and Homey!


Helloshabby.com -- If you have a small house, of course the space will follow its size. Especially the kitchen area, which will provide all new activities to start the vigorous activities in the morning. Designing a kitchen needs the right arrangement to make activities comfortable and more memorable even without thinking about its small size, you can meet all needs perfectly. Some ideas you can see in the following review:

 Install glass windows


To give the small kitchen a homey and brighter look. You can add the use of glass windows in an orderly and neat manner. This kitchen model with an L-shaped table does not use a maximum cabinet, but looks at the furniture on the wall shelves neatly. Use white for a clean, more purposeful look.


Neat kitchen cabinet models


If the size of the kitchen at home is small, you can choose a slim cabinet size like this. Rearrange with all the maximum storage and do not put furniture on the  table randomly.


Make the maximum number of shelves


With a small size, pay attention to the selection of kitchen cabinets with a maximum and regular arrangement of shelves. This kitchen idea, for example, that you can use, has a linear kitchen table with maximum storage space. Make another shelf model for placing all the furniture and perfecting the small size.


Standout with shades of gray


You can apply the following kitchen ideas if you have a small room. The interior of the gray color is quite dominating with the arrangement of wall shelves attached to various spices and some furniture. You can adjust the small size by dividing the preparation table between the stove and sink.


Domineering classic style


Be sure to design a small kitchen with balanced selection of textures and material combinations. The application of this classic style kitchen will make it easier for activities without being stuffy and billowing smoke because a chimney is added right above the stove.


Choose a more natural kitchen design


Another kitchen look will give true perfection when cooking. By carrying out the natural concept, this kitchen is dominated by brick, wood and some plant details for natural refreshment. Also combined with a laundry area, without any problems you can carry out two activities comfortably.


Neat stove corner


Even if you can only build a small kitchen at home, the arrangement is recommended to always be neat and attractive. Even though the kitchen table is placed in the corner of the room, you can arrange all the furniture and the prep table in the correct place and be more organized as it looks.

Hopefully those house idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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