A Stunning Small Mezzanine House Design Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Now that the limited land is no longer an obstacle to building a comfortable dream house. Various ideas and solution are present to overcome land limitations. One of them, the idea of a house with the presence of a mezzanine. A mezzanine is a floor without a partition that intercedes between the main floor of the building. Usually, this additional room is located between the floors as well as the ceiling. 

For more ideas, here are A Stunning Small Mezzanine House Design Ideas.

Simple building


This house is projected for a land measuring 13' x 20' feet or a total area of 320 sqft. This size is relatively small for a house. That's why, the design of the building can be made simple like this. A symmetrical box shape with a gable roof to shade the house. The house looks high, which is indeed functioned as a mezzanine.

Small impactful house

The land and the small size are perfect for supporting a simple and relaxing lifestyle. The house can be used as a small off-grid house is an ideal solution for lower income or your couples. This tiny house has been very well-thought-out and designed to meet everyday meet. 

Although it is small, the room layout design in this house design looks so comfortable. With the use of parquet or vinyl floors gives a homey impression in every room. The design of this house is so simple, but it can be seen that the use of minimalist and sleek furniture designs can make the room feel more airy. 

Floor plan


Now, let's discuss the floor plan on the main floor. This house has a living area, dining and kitchen area and a multifunctional bathroom. The living area has a size of 3.8 m x 3.5 m, dining and kitchen area has a size of 2.15 m x 2.7 m, and a multifunctional bathroom (laundry, toilet and bath) in a size of 1.55 m x 2.2 m. 

Mezzanine floor

The master bedroom is designed using the mezzanine concept. With the use of parquet floor that match the main floor, the mezzanine or loft bedroom looks more attractive. In this design, you will find the master bedroom has complete features, such as a wardrobe, TV set, and a work desk, all of which will support the comfort of the homeowner.

Mezzanine floor plan

After the living area, in the corner of the room, you will find a staircase to access the mezzanine floor or loft bed. The stairs as access to the main bedroom can also be maximized as a storage area. This loft bed design has a size of 3.8 m x 2.15 m. 

Modern kitchen and dining area


Even though, you have a small mezzanine house, you can still have a kitchen and dining area that looks modern like this. The key is to use sleek modern furniture with the same color palette. Choose countertops in an L-shaped that allows you to have the side of the table as a dining table as well as a zone divider.

Fancy mezzanine bedroom

To get a mezzanine bedroom that is comfortable and has the privacy you want, make sure the mezzanine floor made higher than the average adult height. That way, activities or items in the bedroom are not so visible from below. You can also install the railing as additional safety. 

3-D look mezzanine bedroom view

In real term, a mezzanine bedroom could look like this. With windows on several sides of the wall, it allows the room to remain bright, if it can be opened air can enter the house. Not only that, the use of a wooden ceiling can help to get a mezzanine room that is no too stuffy and hot.

Hopefully, those A Stunning Small Mezzanine House Design Ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small mezzanine house ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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