Budget-Friendly Small House Design Amakan with Loft (5.7 x 6.2 meters)

Helloshabby.com -- This house takes the style of Native Amakan house. It's projected to stand on 5.7 x 6.2 meters of land, or 39 sqm / 420 sq ft. The house has 1 master bedroom and the loft area that can be used as a loft bedroom. This house is suitable as a retirement home or a small family home, with a warm and modern style. Moreover, the house can be built in a budget-friendly cost.

For you, here are Budget-Friendly Small House Design Amakan with Loft (5.7 x 6.2 meters).

Exterior Perspective

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From an outside perspective, you will feel the native vibes that are so natural and fresh. All of this is felt thanks to the use of Amakan-style in almost all exterior buildings, from the veranda fence to the upper wall. The roof of the house uses a sloping roof, which later the attic or loft can be used as a functional space. 

Terrace and veranda

The uniqueness of this house design is the presence of a terrace and veranda. The more outdoor space the house has, the greater the opportunity to relax in the area. The terrace and veranda are on the left and right side of the house. With a small fence design or bamboo railing that frame the house beautifully. 

Reference Floor Plan

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This house has dimensions of 5.70 x 6.20 m. Features of the house outside the house in the form of a veranda and terrace. The interior space includes a bedroom, an open-space for the living area, dining and kitchen area. There is a shared-bathroom, and a loft that serves as a bed. 

Living area

This is an area that you can use as a place for formal and informal daily use, such as entertaining guests or a place for you to relax. The living area still gets that native vibe with Amakan walls on most of the wall concept. Installing glass windows on the walls of Amakan will help naturally light up the room. 

Master Bedroom Design

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Amakan walls are indeed able to give the impression of an ethnic and natural space. This makes the bedroom have a strong style. Even with the Amakan concept, the bedroom still looks good with the use of modern furniture that brings a comfortable atmosphere. White bed linen was chosen to make the room look brighter.

Small bathroom design

This house design only has one bathroom. In the concept of a toilet and bath in a small size. Visually, the bathroom looks more attractive with floor tiles in a more vibrant pattern. 3-tones floor tiles also give the small bathroom a modern visual. 

The loft area

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As the title suggests, this house has a loft area. The dimension of the loft area is 6.75 sqm. The perspective of the plan is as in the picture above. Loft position right above the master bedroom. The two are not connected to each other as the walls of the loft are made high until they reach the main ceiling of the house. 

Access to the loft

Access to the loft is via a one-way staircase. The material for the stairs uses solid wood, to match the theme of the unity of the Amakan house

The loft design

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This loft design can be any space you need. For example, loft as a spare bedroom, workplace, library or any hobby room. The loft area, is equipped with ventilation and windows, which help the loft not feel stuffy and seem so dark during the day. 

Hopefully, this Budget-Friendly Small House Design Amakan with Loft (5.7 x 6.2 meters) is useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small and native house designs and ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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