Farmhouse kitchen ideas - 7 bright, homey spaces -- The farmhouse kitchen is one of the 4 most in-demand kitchen styles out of the various kitchen styles. This is not surprising considering that the farmhouse kitchen style presents a homey and warm impression. Makes cooking fun and enjoyable. If you are interested in having a simple but comfortable farmhouse kitchen, here are Farmhouse kitchen ideas - 7 bright, homey spaces.

Rustic red brick kitchen wall


The farmhouse kitchen is very much tied to the relaxed farm lifestyle. Create a farmhouse kitchen using exposed red brick walls like this one. The red brick walls give a natural rustic impression, inspired by rural building structure. This wall also makes the kitchen more colorful. 

Classy farmhouse kitchen interior


The farmhouse kitchen with exposed brick and wood material creates a classic vibe. This white wood cabinet also supports the classic impression of this kitchen. The use of kitchen lights in a wooden hood also strengthens the classic and rustic impression. Parquet floors make the kitchen space feel so comfy and homey.

Bright and airy farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens can also use neutral colors such as white. Combination with wood color and material. This combination gives the impression of being light and nature-based. The farmhouse kitchen is also distinctive for its spacious atmosphere. Maximize light in the kitchen by presenting windows that channel enough light for the kitchen.

Outdoor farmhouse kitchen


You can get an outdoor kitchen with a cool farmhouse style. Make countertops from red brick buildings and thick wood surfaces that match the outdoor atmosphere. Put some wooden upper cabinets to put cooking utensils. A simple kitchen is not only cool for cooking, but also a fun place to gather. 

Install floating wooden shelf


Farmhouse kitchens can be made as attractive as possible. However, more than that, maximize the function in the kitchen. Make the kitchen as handy as possible by installing floating wooden shelves that give a farmhouse look. Floating wooden shelves can be used as a place to put cooking spices, plates that are practical and easy to take. 

Wooden cabinet and white color


An instant way to make the kitchen have a farmhouse look is to use wooden cabinets. Apply wood and white colors to make the kitchen space look bright. The wood material in the cabinet also gives a warm impression to the kitchen. The kitchen backsplash with a white subway bevel pattern gives it a modern look. 

Small farmhouse kitchen


It doesn't matter if you have a small space. The small farmhouse kitchen actually looks adorable. The combination of a beautiful cabinet and purple color gives a chic and cute impression. Additional lights around the backsplash also to provide maximum lighting. 

Hopefully, those Farmhouse kitchen ideas - 7 bright, homey spaces are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about kitchen design and style. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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