Small Living Room Storage Ideas - 7 Chic Ways to Make a Place for Everything -- The small living room makes you have to smartly arrange it. You can maximize the small space by choosing attractive and useful storage. There are many options for that. But to give you real ideas and images, we've put together 7 stylish living room storage ideas that perfect for a small living room. For more ideas, here are Small Living Room Storage Ideas - 7 Chic Ways to Make a Place for Everything.

Stool with storage


What if you had a secret vault in the living room? You can choose a stool, which it can also be used as storage. You can store anything there, such as a pile of daily newspapers, letters or photo memory albums. This stool storage idea is guaranteed to make the living room neater from scattered items.

Practical storage on the desk shelf


When you choose a coffee table, it's not only the design that has to match the living room concept. Choose a coffee table design that is also equipped with storage shelves. This is so that the body of the table is more functional. You can choose a coffee table with drawers and a flat shelf to store things that needed in the living room. 

Unique corner cabinet


Have a small living room with a corner space? Just fill the corner of the room with a unique corner cupboard like this. This cupboard or cabinet has an L-shaped design that occupies an empty-corner perfectly. There, you can store a collection of books. That way, the living room can also become your favorite reading corner.

Multifunctional partition 


Small open living rooms, some of which require a partition or screen as a room zone divider. The practical way is to put a partition in the form of high cabinet like the picture above. The partition cabinet is multifunctional, it can be used as a place to display decorations to put books and shoe collections. 

Small and elegant sleek table design


A small living room sometimes also requires storage space that is not too large, especially if you design a minimalist-style living room. You can choose a small and elegant, sleek table design. This table has drawers that can be used to store hobby equipment, such as needles and threads. You can also use the living room as a sewing or embroidery hobby. 

Glass cabinet


A small living room without decorations is boring and no fun. Place some decorations to make it more lively. Surely, you need some storage to put and display the decorations. Considering choosing a glass cabinet. The glass cabinet has a see-through surface that can display decorative decorations. This cabinet also make decorative objects safer from dust.

Pick white wood cabinet


The last idea is to use a white wood cabinet. This cabinet complements the minimalist style living room. You may need small rattan baskets to store the things in this cabinet. On the surface of the cabinet can be a table to display living room decorations, such as plants and a small calendar.

Hopefully, those Small Living Room Storage Ideas - 7 Chic Ways to Make a Place for Everything are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small bathroom ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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