How to Clean Tile Floors - Expert Tips for a Streak-free Shine -- The tile floor of the house really determines the comfort at home. Just imagine, tired of working, coming home and finding the tile floor of your house dusty. It's a big nom no! It will affect your mood. How to clean the floor can not be arbitrary. Maybe the tile floor will be scratched and make it imperfect. If you want to have a smudge-free shiny tile floor, here are How to Clean Tile Floors - Expert Tips for a Streak-free Shine.

1. Regularly sweep the floor


The first way to do is to sweep the floor regularly. Dust that accumulates and dirt such as sand, over time can become crust and make tiles scratched. So, as much as possible, sweep the floor and clean the direct stick immediately. Diligently sweeping dirt on your tile floors is the easiest way to keep tile floors shiny.

2. Mop floor tiles with microfiber mop


After sweeping, don't forget to mop the floor. Some types of mops have their own-specialties. Sponge mop is suitable for cleaning minor stains, spin mop for stubborn stains. There's also a microfiber mop, which is great for cleaning tile floors from stains and keeping them a streak-free shine. 

3. Avoid using a rough mop


Pay attention to the surface of the tile floor in your home. If the floor is so smooth, we recommend, we recommend not choosing a rough mop. A rough mop on certain types of ceramic tiles can actually cause scratches. Be sure to choose a clean, highly absorbent and soft mop. 

4. Using the right cleaning agents


Some spills and stains can be cleaned with certain cleaning agents. You can buy ready-to-use cleaning agents specifically for stubborn dirt. Another option, clean the tile floors with cleaning liquid, consist of a solution of vinegar mixed with warm water. The vinegar solution won't damage ceramic/porcelain tiles, but it can damage natural stones (granite, marble and so on) tiles, so consider that carefully.

5. Pay attention to the mopping technique


A shiny, scratch-free tile floor also depend on how you mop the floor. Mop evenly the floor tile area. Turn the mop surface to the other side to mop the side of the floor that has nor been mopped. If it's too dirty, clean it first with clean water, otherwise the mop will spread dirt.

6. Dry the floor


After mopping, don't let the tile floor stay wet. Natural drying can form drying water stains, which is undesirable. You can dry the tiles with a microfiber cloth to absorb any remaining water on the floor. 

Hopefully, those How to Clean Tile Floors - Expert Tips for a Streak-free Shine are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about tile floor ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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