Kids' room ideas - 7 ways to create lasting style and neat storage -- There are many things to optimize the appearance of a child's bedroom. Starting from the layout, furniture design to storage options. A child's bedroom that looks neat and pleasant is certainly good for their growth. Because, the bedroom is a place for children to rest, play and learn. 

Let's give a touch of neatness and playfulness to the child's room, You can try some of the ideas below. 

Unique bed and cute storage


Kids love cute shapes. You can apply is in choosing a bed, like this one. The bed shaped looks like a car interior with a fun blue mattress and pillows. In addition, beside the bed is placed a stacking shelf in an adorable shape, perfect for storing children's toys in the room. 

The mezzanine floor: a secret zone and secret storage


You can make an additional mezzanine floor in the child's room. Make as ideal as possible with stairs to access the mezzanine. The mezzanine floor in this room can be used as a secret and personal space for kids, or it can also be a storage area for their toys, books or school supplies. 

Neat storage in cupboard


In the children's room, try to have adequate storage for their clothes. One great option is to choose a slim wardrobe like this one. This wardrobe is suitable for small space designs. With the addition of mirror, that helps give the illusion of a wider and airy space. 

Stylish bunk bed with neat storage


The bunk bedroom design is an idea that children always like. In pastel shades of blue and green that look soft and bright. Bunk beds can be used for two beds at once. The upper bed has strong straps in a beautiful diamond pattern. Access to the upper bed uses a small staircase that can also be used as storage. 

Another bunk bedroom design


Another good bunk bed design for girls' bedrooms. Almost the same as before, but it has a sweet pastel blue and pink. In addition to the stair cabinet, the room also has a white wardrobe for storage. White color option to keep the room looking clean and bright. 

Cute kids' room ideas


Children definitely love to play. You can consider their toy options as room decorations. As in the picture above. Cooking toys used as bedside decorations. This toy also has a display cabinet and shelf for neat storage. This bedroom arrangement will make the girls' bedroom look cute and pleasant. 

Cool bedroom 3 bunk


If you have a small house with 2 more children, you can still use one room for them or share a room. Use bunk beds to place a bed or mattress. This bed design allows the bed to be pulled-pushed when finished, so the kid's bedroom still looks neat. 

Hopefully, those Kids' room ideas - 7 ways to create lasting style and neat storage are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about kid's room ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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