Low-Cost Tiny House Design with Store (16 sqm)

Helloshabby.com -- This is a tiny concept house with a small store inside. This house has a dimension of 3.00 m x 5.5 meters, with a total floor area of 16 square meters. The tiny house idea is perfect for a small family, or those of you who want to have a shop or small business at home at once. Taking the tiny concept home, surely, the cost of building a house with a store will be low-cost. 

For more ideas, here are Low-Cost Tiny House Design with Store (16 sqm).

Fresh house facade

B-art design

The concept of this tiny house has interesting front building details. Even though it's simple, the choice of earthy tone colors on the walls and main door gives it its own-freshness. Make the house blend with the atmosphere of the green yard. The small land in front of the house can still be used as a small garden with a variety of lush plants with fresh colors.

Sari-sari store design

This tiny house also equipped with a part of the house that used as a Sari-sari store or a small Filipino neighborhood store. The store design directly faces the outside of the house, with an area surrounded by a solid fence. Shoppers can access the store through a small window that opens, like a mini counter, when they want to buy something. This area also has outdoor benches for shoppers.

Side view buildings

B-art design

This building takes a minimalist form that is easy and affordable to build. The house has the shape of a symmetrical box. Lighting maximizes glass windows to brighten up the tiny house and help to provide better air circulation in the house.

Floor plan

In an area of 16 square meters, you will get a layout and floor plan like this picture. The house has sari-sari store, 1 loft bedroom, living as well as sleeping area, dining and kitchen area and quarter bathroom. Access to the entrance is different from the shop, through the entry porch, which goes directly to the living area.

Interior design

B-art design

This is the image you will get after going through the entrance. You will find a living as well as a sleeping area. The design of this area uses the concept of a loft bed, with the installation of a bunk bed where the upper bunk is used as a bed, and the lower part as a living area complete with a couch, coffee table and wall-mounted TV. 

Dining and kitchen area

It is reasonable that the kitchen and dining area has a small size. For that, use a single wall kitchen layout design that is enough to place the sink and cooking area in one row of countertops. The use of sleek furniture will greatly help the space look more spacious. The presence of a window also helps to keep the room from getting hot and stuffy, during the cooking process.

Quarter bathroom design

The bathroom design is simple. With a combination of 3 colors on the walls and floor, this small bathroom looks more dynamic. Only mainly furniture is placed, such as a small shower, toilet, small water bucket and corner shelf for storing toiletries. 

Hallway to shop

B-art design

The shop can only be accessed from inside the house. The design is like this one. The shop area is made without doors, which makes it directly connected to other areas. The rest of the shop is bordered by solid walls that make other areas feel private. 

Inside sari-sari store

The design in the store can match your tastes and needs. You can paint it in a bright orange color. Use floating shelves in a neat arrangement to organize and store items for sale. 

Hopefully, those Low-Cost Tiny House Design with Store (16 sqm) are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small tiny house designs and ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family!

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : B-art design

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