2-Story Small House Design with Modern Interior | 4.5 m x 10.65 m (96 Sqm TFA)

Helloshabby.com -- A house is one thing that a family definitely wants to own. You and your partners certainly don't want to live in a rental house forever, right? It doesn't matter to make it happen in the long term, as building a house does require a lot of money. 

Owning a house doesn't have to be large. Take advantage of a small area and design it into a two-story house. This twos-story house design by 3D KH Design can be a great reference for where you and your family live. Here are 2-Story Small House Design with Modern Interior | 4.5 m x 10.65 m (96 Sqm TFA).

Simple 2-story house design

3D KH Design

This picture shows the design of a two-story house with a simple building form, which the builder will not cost as much as other house design. To build a house with 96 square meters of total floor area, you need at least 2.4 M pesos / $50,000 USD.

Although simple, a touch of natural stone gives the impression of a fresher home. The house is also better with a fence or railing that frames the terrace and balcony perfectly. 

Aero view

This house takes a sloping roof construction. With a roof slope that is not too steep, it makes the house look geometrically precise. The roof also features solar panel technology to provide an energy efficient home. 

Rear view

3D KH Design

The building of this house looks so sleek and elegant. Even from the back. Each side of the exterior wall has a window to provide natural lighting and good air circulation into the house. The back of the house can also be used as a service area. 

The ground floor

The first floor plan has 48 square meters of floor area. The first floor is more functioned as places that can be used together. You will get a living area right after the main door. There is a dining and kitchen area in a minimalist design that saves space. Don't forget a bathroom to complete the features of the 1st floor plan. 

Second floor with deck

3D KH Design

The second floor has 48 square meters floor area. You'll get a deck area that's quite spacious. Use the deck area as an outdoor entertainment space, where you can enjoy the breeze. The rooms on the second floor are used as the first bedroom and second bedroom. 

Modern interior design

Forget about the small size! Divert your attention by designing an interior that you love. Apply a modern minimalist style with a choice of wall paint in light colors, and a choice of sleek and modern furniture design. Arrange it well, in order to provide flexibility there. 

Make good use of every space

In a small space, there should be no space that looks awkward. Make good use of it, but also don't make it look stuffy. You can use the space under the stairs as a place to put the TV set. This area will look well filled and not be an awkward corner of the house. 

Bedroom 1 design

3D KH Design

One of the rooms upstairs can be filled with single beds or even filled with twin beds. Twin beds or bunk beds will make you have more beds. Suitable for those of you who already have two children. It can be a sharing bedroom for them. 

Master bedroom design

Master bedroom design is greatly helped by the installation of sliding glass doors or windows. This window allows natural light to enter the room. Air circulation also feels better, when the window is opened wide. The bedroom is small, but just right to fit a bed, slim wardrobe and desk in the corner of the room. 

Hopefully, those 2-Story Small House Design with Modern Interior | 4.5 m x 10.65 m (96 Sqm TFA) are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small and simple 2-story house. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : 3D KH Design

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