7 Fun Kids Bedroom Ideas

7 Fun Kids Bedroom Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Treat children well by providing a bedroom, so they fell comfortable and enjoy their own activities independently. Spending time indoors is what children like the most, especially if the bedroom they have has a beautiful design with fun decorations. You can realize the dream of a child's bedroom by listening to the following 7 review about the following fun bedrooms:


Soft and gentle bedroom

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Children's bedroom ideas by maximizing outdoor lighting will be the most important main thing. The bedroom design is made like a level by elevating the mattress area. Also added with a mini bar accent for the study area, the choice of plain white color can be combined with contrasting colors and warm materials such as wood.


Choose a fresh green color

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This bunk bedroom theme will be suitable if you have 2 twins. The maximum concept still uses sustainable furniture between the bed and the wardrobe used. The interior of the room looks fresh and pleasant, with lime green combined with a soft white color.


Elegant children's bedroom ideas


Even though they are still small, if the child likes the interior with a simple and elegant style. This bedroom idea can be a reference. Use cabinet beds for maximum functionality. The mattress was chosen as if it was confined in a large cabinet. The walls are painted with animal and environmental themes for recognition and creative imagination.


Monochrome theme bunk kids bedroom

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This time the bedroom theme looks more mature with elegant monochrome colors. Combined with warm blue sky walls, this bunk kid's bedroom is very attractive, with a hammock above the bottom mattress.


Children's bedroom with a tree house concept


If the child has an adventurous spirit since childhood, wanting a bedroom like a tree house would be the right one to look at. Maximizing wooden furniture and using a little farmhouse style, this treehouse bedroom concept is interesting to apply with a living room at the bottom.


Colorful children's bedroom


The next idea is simply to have a beautiful color combination with colorful sheets and an elegant dark gray interior. The decoration is only displayed on one of the walls and the lights are hidden behind the ceiling which adds a bright and spacious effect.


Mezzanine children's bedroom


The mezzanine concept can actually be lowered into a small bedroom for the child, This design applied a detailed mezzanine bedroom with a neat interior. The fish bone parquet floor adds a warm effect and a very comfortable study table for the child's personal activities.


Hopefully those house idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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