A House with A Sweet and Cute Green Tone

Helloshabby.com -- Green is never go wrong. This color can be an accent color that makes a house more colorful, more lively and more stylish. Just like a two-story house by Quang Architects & Partners. The house takes a white color palette and oak wood nuance as the base color. Then, the green tone is applied to taste, making the house more sweet and adorable. For more detail and house tour, here is A House with A Sweet and Cute Green Tone.

Front view of the house with green tones

Quang Architects & Partners

The house has dimensions that are not too big. The house takes the concept of two-story house in a bold and minimalist L-shaped like this. The main side faces the street. The main area has a unique look with a door with a sleek arch. The door is painted in lime green, which shows the character of the house with a green tone. 

Spacious front window

Entering the house, you'll find a living area. This area is greatly helped by the spacious window. Glass windows will bring more natural light into the living area. Make the house brighter and the green color appear more attractive. 

Stunning green accent wall

Quang Architects & Partners

Don't say a green house, if the living area doesn't have a touch of green. A green touch can come in by creating an accent wall in a combination of deep olive green and light green. The placement of a single sofa in green tone also enhances the living area with fresh green tones. 

TV back wall in green

The interior of this house takes a white color palette and brown oak floors. This alone is enough to give a cozy atmosphere. However, it doesn't stop there. Adding green paint on the TV back wall will make the space look more vibrant and fresh. 

Kitchen and dining area with green accent

Quang Architects & Partners

The kitchen and dining area share the same visual and vibe as the rest of the area. Not to miss, this area has a splash of green on the walls. This green wall accent is made more homey and aesthetically pleasing by writing home sweet home in beautiful calligraphy. 

Kid bedroom ideas

For a child's bedroom, first discuss how they want their bedroom to look. If they don't like green, don't force them to apply it in their bedroom. Instead of green, make a child's bedroom in blue or whatever color is their favorite. It will make them love their bedroom more. 

Master bedroom design in green decor

Quang Architects & Partners

The master bedroom has a center wall in full deep green color. This wall become the main direction to place the bed in green sheets with a more soothing tone. The bedroom also has a very nice wall section filled with areca palm painting and photo frames that are arranged as neatly and beautifully as possible.

Floor plan reference

Quang Architects & Partners

This is how the floor plan for this 2-story house. The house has a front yard / car parking, living area, dining and kitchen area, master bedroom, common bathroom, bedroom 2 and more. 

Hopefully, those A House with A Sweet and Cute Green Tone are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about house with green decor ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : Quang Architects & Partners - TDC

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