Attractive Small House Design for Small Land Owner (36 SQM) -- Don't worry if you only have small and limited land. For example, an area of 6.0 m x 6.0 m or 36 square meters. You can turn this area into a small, comfortable house. We try to show design and small house plans, which can be your inspiration as a small landowner. With two bedrooms, which makes it quite suitable to be a modern family residence. 

Please remember, this house design for inspiration only is made up of different sources. We also do not sell house plans. We share useful ideas and articles that can give you interesting inspiration. For the ideal small house plan, contact and hire a professional architect. 

Here are Attractive Small House Design for Small Land Owner (36 SQM),

Exterior walkthrough

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Small houses do look better in simple design and building forms. Symmetrical cubes or blocks are also easier and cost-effective. Add attractive exterior features that are easy to do. Try adding the right color combination, such as white, natural brown and blue. Give a touch of nature by creating a small container garden in front of the entry porch. Hanging plants in blue pots is also a refreshing idea for the exterior walkthrough. 

House plan

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A house like this can be built on a total floor area of 6.0m x 6.0m or 36 sqm. A floor plan can be made as in the picture above. The house consist of: 
  • entry porch,
  • living area with a size of 3.3m x 3.0m,
  • kitchen and dining area in a dimension of 3.3m x 3m,
  • toilet and bath with a size of 1.6m x 1.6m,
  • bedroom 1 with a size of 2.7m x 3m,
  • bedroom 2 with a size of 2.7m x 3m.

Living room design reference


According to the plan, this house has a separate living room design from other areas. This makes it give a sense of privacy when guests come to the house. We recommend painting the walls in white for a clean and spacious look. Use a gray sofa and a wooden coffee table. Give a nice color contrast by placing a gray rug in the middle of the room. 

Bedroom design 


Bedroom design can be made in an arrangement like this. Choose a bed that fits the square footage. You can choose a bed in sleek design, so you can put other furniture in the room. The combination of space in white and warm oak gives the impression of cozy and fresh bedroom. Make sure the bedroom has a window feature to provide natural lighting and good air circulation. 

Useful corner ideas

If you have a special hobby or just want to have a space for work or study, consider to make a special corner for that. You can install a floating wooden table for a place to put work equipment. Use the walls to install floating shelves filled with potted-plants and other decorations. Give the corner an aesthetic style by painting decorative rounds in fresh orange and terracotta color.

Kitchen design

Even though it's not big, you can make a kitchen in U-shaped layout like this. The U-shaped layout makes you have more space for pre-cooking, cooking and cleaning. Make the kitchen have a combination of white and brown wood for a kitchen look that matches the interior concept. 

Small laundry room ideas


At least, you also need a laundry area, right? You can make special cabinet shelves to put washing machines and other equipment. For a small house, every room or area should have a window, including the laundry area. Glass windows that can be opened will prevent you from feeling stuffy. 

Hopefully, those Attractive Small House Design for Small Land Owner (36 SQM) are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small house design and ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family!

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