Small Farm House Design (65 Sq.m) Perfect for Your Family -- Plan the design of the house for the family carefully. Make sure the design of the house features that make living with family always bring warmth and sweet memories. 

As an inspiration, you can see this farm house design. With the concept of a one-story house, this grid small farm house design offers two bedrooms and feature an outdoor fireplace and a small pool, which makes a family home so enjoyable. More ideas, here are Small Farm House Design (65 Sq.m) Perfect for Your Family.

Exterior walkthrough

Rabe Studio

This house is planned in dimensions of 6.5 m x 10 meters or 65 square meters / 699.2 square ft of total floor area. The house is elevated from ground level, high enough to give the impression of a more dimensional small farm house. The house uses soft paint, made of wood which gives a classic, simple and calming style of rural dwelling.

Front side view

This farm house is fairly simple. Even so, aesthetic elements are still included in it. One of them is the white wood plank exterior wall design with vertical lines that make the house more stylish. The house is also supported by 2 wooden poles in the right and left corners, giving you a wide entry porch that can be used as an outdoor lounge. 

Exterior features

Rabe Studio

What makes this house attractive is its exterior features. The house is elevated from the ground, giving you exclusive  exterior features. There, you can design a pool and outdoor fireplace. The seating position adjusts to the space provided, thus keeping the house balanced and precise. 

Aero view 

The roof of the house uses a simple gable roof model. On the roof, you can install a skylight to provide natural lighting into the house. The house feels more efficient and environmentally friendly by installing solar panels on the roof. 

Living area design

Rabe Studio

Farmhouse-style interiors generally use a color palette that seems neutral and natural, thus giving a simple, comfortable impression. You can use a combination of black sofas on wood or vinyl floors for the living area. The wide windows behind it will help the room look brighter and more spacious. 

Make the most of empty walls

Plain white walls are like canvas. Color them by using the walls as a place to display wall-mounted TVs, thematic wall decorations and floating shelves for displaying and storing other artifacts. 

Dining and kitchen area 

Rabe Studio

A family residence is incomplete without a well-designed dining area and kitchen. This is  a place that brings families together at home. Kitchen designs can be made small, but spacious with a U-shaped layout like this. One side of the kitchen can be used as a space for the dining area.

Master bedroom design

This is the reference design for the master bedroom. In a light color perfect for vinyl flooring. The master bedroom features a master toilet and bath, which is directly adjacent to the bed. 

Bedroom 1 design

Rabe Studio

This one is a reference design for another bedroom. In a matching color palette, the choice of mattress sheets in yellow accents makes the bedroom brighter and more colorful. In this bedroom, you can still place a slim wardrobe on the side of the room against the wall. 

Common toilet and bath 

Black and white is the theme for this common bathroom. Black color as an accent that makes the bathroom get more character. Sleek furniture was chosen to save space in this small bathroom design. 

Isometric plan

Rabe Studio

This small farm house design consist of: 
  • outdoor dining in the entry porchn
  • pool with fireplace,
  • living area,
  • kitchen/dining area
  • master bedroom with en suite bathroom,
  • bedroom 1,
  • common toilet and bath. 

That's all for Small Farm House Design (65 Sq.m) Perfect for Your Family. Hopefully, those ideas and pictures are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about family home design. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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