Stunning Small Home Design in Purple  -- Just like green lovers, many people like homes in shades of purple. When applied properly and correctly, a purple house will give the impression of an elegant home. Gives off a luxurious and creative vibe. Even a small house can look special in purple. You can see the evidence in the review below: Stunning Small Home Design in Purple

The facade of the house in purple

Applying purple on the exterior you can do by choosing wall paint in purple. Purple color combinations can be made in two-tones. The bottom in a deeper purple, the top in a lighter purple. This will make the house look beautiful in purple. Keep accents in colors other than purple to make the house less monotonous. 

Alluring purple living room 


Give a big purple statement by choosing a living room sofa in purple like this one. Beautify it by putting cushions in the same color. Choose a wooden coffee table to give a splash of bright and natural color into the room. Avoid over purple by leaving the floor space in white. 

Magical purple room ideas


Purple is also associated with creativity. You can create a perfect purple room full of creativity. Use purple in a lighter shade for a calming effect. The creative side can be included by placing a purple crochet chair that you might make yourself. 

Chic small purple design


You can make a small kitchen in purple like this one. The cabinet in purple blends well with the purple ceramic backsplash. Countertops in black balance the purple. Make it not too much purple, and still give a modern kitchen style. For fun, you can really use kitchen furniture in a matching purple color. 

Purple stickers that complete the decor


Some of the appliances that you buy are not always purple, right? However, you can perfect your home decor by coating the appliances with purple stickers. For example, coating the surface of the refrigerator with a purple sticker with cute cupcakes picture in it, a water dispenser with a vertical sticker with purple and white stripes. 

Purple and green together


Look at this combination! A green plant even if it is artificial look great in a purple pot. This will make your space look beautiful and fresh. 

Simple and chic purple laundry area


Your laundry area is getter better with a touch of purple. You can do this by dressing the washing machine with an aesthetic purple sticker like this. Bring all purple things there, including purple water hoses, purple laundry baskets and even purple doormats. 

That's all for Stunning Small Home Design in Purple. Hopefully, those ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about purple home decor and design. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family!

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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