36 Sqm Small House Design for Small Family

Helloshabby.com -- A small family consisting of you and your spouse may just need a small house. Small houses are not only a matter of low cost, but also offer practicality and flexibility for those who live in them. The distance between adjacent rooms makes all activities easier, so it's faster and more practical. For your inspiration, we've prepared an interesting review with the title: 36 Sqm Small House Design For Small Family

Front side view

Tiny House Design

We admire how the front of this house looks. With a minimalist front building shape, taking the colors white and deep gray to display a modern and dynamic visual. This house has a front porch that just out to the back making the house look precise. 

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Impactful home lattice

It has a house grille/home lattice that's attached side by side with the front concrete pillar. This home lattice is given a matching gray color to make it look harmonious. These home lattices help filter out the sun's rays, so they don't get too bright into the front porch. In addition, it also adds an accent to the front design of the house. 

Top view

This is how the roof of this 36 sqm small house looks. As you can see, there are three roof buildings. The terrace uses a non-flat roof to shade the terrace below. Other areas use a sloping roof with covering material that you can adjust to the needs and location of the house being built. 

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Rear view 

Tiny House Design

The back of this house does not have a terrace. However, the back door area is connected to the front porch using a concrete walkway above the gravel yard. The floor elevation that's raised a few inches from the ground adds dynamism. 

Floor plan reference

This is the floor plan of this house. In dimensions of 6.00 m x 6.00 m (36 Sqm). This house has a front terrace with dimensions of 10 sqm or 4.00 m x 2.5 m, living area 3 sqm, dining area in 5 sqm, kitchen area in 6 sqm,  and a bathroom in 4 sqm or 1.65 m x2.73 m. The house only has one bedroom in 11 sqm (2.76 m x 2.93 m). 

Roof floor

Tiny House Design

The house has three roof construction. The flat roof on the terrace in dimensions of 12 sqm, 2nd sloping roofs in dimensions of 16 sqm, and 3rd sloping roof in dimensions of 29 sqm. 

Interior design

The room in front is used as an open space. Where you will find the living, dining area as well as the kitchen and service area. Minimalist arrangement with sleek furniture allows the space to still look spacious, even though it becomes more than 2 functions of the place. 

Kitchen design

The kitchen takes a single wall layout. Where, you will place the countertop, sink, and small preparation table in one neatly lined row. The bottom and top walls are better filled with white cabinets to give you more storage and a stylish small kitchen look. 

Bedroom design

Tiny House Design

This is the only bedroom design in this house. Take a neutral color palette and soft tones to make the room feel warm. Air conditioning and lighting are assisted by glass windows installed there. On the other hand, the addition of black and white give a nice contrast in  the room. 

That's all for 36 Sqm Small House Design for Small Family. Hopefully, those ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small house designs. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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