Best Semi Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas -- A semi-outdoor kitchen, have you heard of it? Well, that's the term we refer to the kitchen area that's directly adjacent to an open area, such as a garden or backyard. This kitchen still has a roof and blends with the rest of the house, it's just made open to give the impression of being fresh and not stuffy. If you're interested in making a semi-outdoor kitchen, keep reading for best small outdoor kitchen design ideas.

Semi-outdoor kitchen with sliding glass doors


A minimalist kitchen in a simple design and limited size, you can expand it by installing a sliding glass door overlooking the garden area or backyard. Glass doors will make the kitchen area appear wider. If you feel the kitchen is already hot and stuffy, open the door easily to get more air into the kitchen. 

Kitchen near inner court

The void area becomes a fresh garden or inner court. Next to it, you can design a kitchen area without a door like this. Arrangement of kitchen furniture in a single wall, leaving a center kitchen area that looks spacious and airy. The tiled floors in subtle wood color shades make it look harmonious with the garden next to it. 

Kitchen with wide opening


If you want to present a semi-outdoor kitchen, make it have a wide opening like in the picture. The wide opening allows outdoor things, such as fresh air, to enter freely into the kitchen area.

This kitchen has a simple design. Using a black countertop with a minimalist curtain underneath. An upper cabinet is installed in a small number with a sleek design, to make the kitchen does not look so crowded. 

Semi-outdoor kitchen and patio


The patio is often used as a family gathering place. On the patio, you can do lively events there. Make your event more efficient by designing a semi-outdoor kitchen on the patio. Choose a countertop that matches the patio, for example, using cement or exposed concrete material. Place cabinetry to put more cooking utensils and cutlery there. 

Kitchenette near a small garden


Small houses are usually difficult to get a spacious garden, but you can at least bring a small garden adjacent to the kitchen. Create a garden in the void area or near the kitchen, then place the potted plants to fill the empty-space. The garden next to kitchen, at least, it will give you a fresh atmosphere when you cook. 

Hopefully, those Best Semi Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about semi-outdoor kitchen ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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