Boho Vibe Design | Tips for Creating a Boho Style Home

Boho Vibe Design | Tips for Creating a Boho Style Home -- A house with an authentic look will give a unique style root to a dwelling. Such as by applying a Bohemian style into the interior of an aesthetic room and giving free influence to the owner. By applying boho decorations, you can freely apply some items that are relaxed, timeless to involve many colors and textures. To create a home interior in a boho style, see the full review below:


 Room pattern arrangement with color


To match the boho-style interior design, you can adjust the use of furniture a little, such as with colors that are contrasting to look balanced to display. Use a soft color on the sofa, with a little gold accent on the selection of the cushion.

 Add a timeless rustic feel

Such as using some texture change with decorative accents to apply a dominant boho design, you can use natural supporting elements such as a lampshade made of rattan and accented dining chairs made of wood.

Use universal fittings

By applying the boho style to the interior of the room, of course you need to consider the Bohemian style accessories that are quite dominant will cultural accents. Such as with an authentic accent on the use of dining room table decorations or applying a mini bar model that is located quite right between the kitchen and dining room and is sustainable.

Application of the relaxed concept

 Keep in mind when bringing boho into the home. You can ensure a relaxed room decor by using an open concept with no partitions between the living room, dining room and kitchen. With a space concept like this, you can do activities easily, comfortably stay in one area.

Save on accessories

Apply the concept of saving for a boho-style room that might have potential and make a big impact on the decor of the room. Like a rattan box for this beautiful flower vase. In addition to being functional for a flowers vase, you can also use it as a place for fruit or some cutlery.

Mix style

By paying attention to the decor and concept of the room, you can use a boho style with an eclectic touch to certain details in the room. Such as the use of accessories, some furniture details will also add a modern decor effect with solid bar stool.

Hopefully those house idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Lynda
Editor       : Munawaroh
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