Our Favorite Green Home Decor Ideas and Pictures

Helloshabby.com -- Although color trends continue to change every year, a house with shades of green will not lose its fans. The house in green is special. The green color offers a home atmosphere that feels cool and reminiscent of the green of fresh leaves. When applied properly, the green color will make the house have its own unique charm. 

To give you more home inspiration with green tones in other parts of the world, here is our review of Our Favorite Green Home Decor Ideas and Pictures.

House with green exterior paint

The choice of exterior wall paint color show how you are. As a green lover, it's not strange if the exterior of the house is painted in a favorite green color tone. This olive green color is then combined with slate stone style walls with a smooth finish. Gives the visuals of a green house a fresh and fun. 

Cool front porch 

This house also features a front terrace. The shades of green paint are somewhat reduced by using slate stone walls and smooth finish concrete floors. More natural green accents are included by placing green plants in pots lined up neatly around the terrace. 

Green living room decor ideas

This living room will welcome residents of the house when entering the house. The bright-green paint is used for interior walls. This green wall is then nicely combined with a black sofa, giving the impression of a green space that's cooler and less flashy. The green living room is more lively with the family's favorite ornaments. 

The concept of open-space

Several areas that are used together are arranged into one open-space without solid walls. In this one large space, you will find a dining room, lounge area and kitchen. The kitchen seems to be blocked by a special wall to reduce cooking activities visible from the outside. Everything is well organized and doesn't look stuffy and crowded. Moreover, the use of flat ceilings in green accents enhances the appearance of the space. 

Green dining room

The dining room is still in bright green shades. This room looks purposely made in a darker tone, with the use of a dining table and chairs set in gray and black. Even so, the room is still helped by windows that can be opened to pass the light that brighten up this room naturally. 

Kitchen design

This kitchen is more functioned as a dry kitchen. With a sink whose wall is a barrier between the kitchen area and other areas. The all-green nuance is still a striking thing in this area. 

Green bedroom ideas

When you choose green as the wall color, you can still choose green for soft furnishings. Tips, if you use dark green as a wall color, use a bright green like lime green for the color of the bed sheets. 

That's all for Our Favorite Green Home Decor Ideas and Pictures. Hopefully, those ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about green home decor inspirations. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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