The Best Dream Kitchen Must Have -- The best dream kitchen doesn't have to be a super spacious, large kitchen with sophisticated furniture. The best dream kitchen can revolve around cozy kitchens in bright colors. A colorful kitchen will brighten the corner or the back area of the house, where the kitchen is often placed. In the following, we've gathered the best beautiful and realistic kitchen ideas and designs to realize. Keep reading for the best dream kitchen must have

Small but luxurious orange kitchen

A small square footage, you can turn it into an enchanting kitchen. Opt out for a single wall kitchen layout, where you put all kitchen appliances along the walls.  This arrangement will help you to save space. Walls in orange and white stripped patterns will liven up your kitchen. The glossy accents on the walls give a luxury impression to this kitchen. 

Lilac L-shaped kitchen design

An open kitchen that blends with the dining or living area is quite appropriate to use an L-shaped kitchen layout. Where, kitchen appliances will perfectly occupy the corner of the room, and give the impression of spacious and open. 

Make the kitchen look according to your favorite color. For example, choosing a combination of white and lilac for cabinets and kitchen furniture. Keep it neat and clean, so the elegance will always be seen. 

Lovely pink kitchen

The kitchen must be inspiring. The place where you make your best food. Inspirational kitchens can be started by choosing the best design and colors for the kitchen. Your kitchen is up to you, if you love it, pick a soft pink tone to apply to the kitchen. The glossy effect on the pink cabinet will give a modern look. This will be a warm and inviting place. 

Stunning backsplash kitchen

The kitchen backsplash will protect the walls from stains, heat from activities in the kitchen. Choose a kitchen backsplash that can enhance the kitchen design. You can even make a backsplash as a kitchen focal point. Where to pick, a kitchen backsplash in a beautiful tendril pattern in a purplish pink color that matches the cabinet color. 

Kitchen with elegance lighting

Lighting affects how a kitchen design looks. No matter how good, the kitchen does not give off a 'wow' factor without adequate light. Make sure the kitchen has main lighting, and in addition use down-lights in warm dim light to make the kitchen more warm and inviting. 

Small yet perfect purple kitchen

If you're looking for a small, beautiful purple kitchen design, this kitchen may be your end. With a glossy cabinetry and metallic appliances, it gives a sophisticated small kitchen vibe too. Make the most of the walls to install purple cabinets as a place for you to store cooking ware and more. 

Hopefully, those The Best Dream Kitchen Must Have are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about dream kitchen designs and ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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