Beautiful Amakan House Design with House Plan Details 60 s.q.m -- Amakan house design is always interesting to discuss. Using local and natural materials, it has a pleasant tropical native vibe. Amakan's house design is widely used as a choice for those who want to spend their old age in a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Just like the design of this Amakan house. This beautiful Amakan can be built in a 60 s.q.m floor area. The house plan includes 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living area and more. 

For more ideas, here are Beautiful Amakan House Design with House Plan Details 60 s.q.m.

Exterior perspective


From the front, this house has a simple and sleek design. This house design takes the concept of half-concrete and half Amakan. That way, the construction of the house is more sturdy and modern. It is better if you choose firewall concrete as foundation to prevent unwanted things happen from the accidental fire. 

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Perfect roof design

The roof of this house uses a pyramid roof style, where all the sloping sides meet at the pointed midpoint. The choice of roof with 4 sloping sides will make it easier for rainwater to flow down faster. The right angle of inclination make the deflected, thereby reducing the risk of roof leakage. 

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Exterior features

It is so compact and spacious enough by making a front porch. A terrace with a smooth concrete floor with unique bamboo railings in some areas can be your outdoor area. The terrace is then equipped with wooden pillars that firmly support the roof construction. 

Enchanting Amakan wall design

The interesting thing about the design of this house is definitely the Amakan walls or woven bamboo mats with diamond patterns that look unique, ethnic, and so tropical. This Amakan wall smartly puts together all over the house. 

Rear view


At the back of the house, you'll get a terrace with a concrete floor. Use this as a service area, such as a laundry area. The top is secure with a wooden ceiling and corrugated roof. 

Apart from that, this house is well designed by installing windows that are always present in every room or wall of the house. This will make the house feel fresh. You won't get a stuffy and dark house. 

Estimated costs

This Amakan house design with 2 bedrooms has an estimated construction around Php 200K to Php 350K. This budget probably make you get an Amakan house with conservatively finished. The actual costs may vary depending on the location, labor, material used and site characteristic. 

House plan detail


Let's break down the house plan! This house consist of a porch with a size of 5.5 m x 2.0 m, a living area + dining area and kitchen with a size of 2.8 m x 7.7 m, master bedroom design with a size of 2.7 m x 3.5 m, bedroom 1 with a size of 2.7 m x 3.0 m, toilet and bath with a size of 1.5 m x 2.5 m, and a service area with a size of 4.0 m x 1.3 m. 

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House layout

Choosing this Amakan house design will get you 3 closed rooms: 2 as bedrooms, and one as bathroom. Other areas are left open with no solid walls to give a broad and airy impression. The living area with dining + kitchen is only separated by a wooden cabinet to provide a little zone separation and privacy. 

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