This Simple and Small Home in Green is so Uplifting -- There's something so special about green. Green, when applied nicely, it will make the house look so vibrant. This is also a shortcut to get a small but uplifting home. The green sparks refreshing natural energy. Your home is your choice. Use green as much as possible or as little as possible, whatever you like. Now, we would like to show you one of the green-themed inspired house that maybe give you nice ideas. For you, here are this simple and small home in green is so uplifting.

Exterior in green

Free yourself to have the look of your home however you like. You can paint the exterior with a full green like this. Tones and shades of green, from lime green, deep green, and turquoise green make this verdant more dynamic. Outer ceiling and roof would be better to use white color that looks wonderful against all green walls. 

Black door on green walls

Green is a striking color by itself. Effortlessly, a green home will catch attention easily. Don't make the green too overboard! Pick the door and window paint in color other than green. Pick the black one is a great idea. The black door tone down the green, make the green home not too flashy.

Green exterior features

Complete the exterior features with green! You can paint the terrace hand-railing in fresh green like this one. If you like green, opt out for greenery, such as snake plants or sansevieria as the living decor for your home. Put the plant in a green planter to make it look so matchy-matchy.

Green interior design

Entering the home, you'll find a nature-inspired interior design. The green wall and earthy-toned tile floor complete the room. This green house also tries to include more natural elements. For example, using wooden doors, wooden cabinets, and living plant decorations on the coffee table.

Budget-friendly green decoration ideas 

A green-themed room must be smartly decorated. Using affordable decoration is okay, as long as it complements the theme you want. Instead of buying a new sofa, try to replace the old sofa cover with a new one. Pick a sofa cover in a lighter shade of green, so the room doesn't get boring in the same green tone. 

Smart ideas: wooden cabinet as partition

This house has a fairly small size. The owner must arrange the space cleverly. Too open-space may reduce privacy and comfort. That's why, between the living area and another room, is placed a wooden cabinet. This cabinet serves as TV place and a partition to divide the living area zone with and another ones. 

Green dining and kitchen area

This room unite the kitchen and dining area. The interior still uses the concept of green and earthy tones, both the dining area furniture and kitchen design. The green walls surround this space, for that, it would be good to install small windows on the walls to let in light that brighten up the kitchen naturally. The windows also help this are get some fresh air, keeping it from being damp and stuffy. 

Hopefully, those This Simple and Small Home in Green is so Uplifting are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small green home ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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