Top 8 Tips for Small but Organized Kitchen Designs -- Having a small kitchen doesn't always end badly. There are many ways to make a small kitchen look stunning, and it is certain to become a cooking paradise for you. Spatial arrangement and a good touch of decor will make you have a stunning small kitchen. To give you realistic ideas and inspiration, here are top 8 tips for small but organized kitchen designs.

1. Bring flexible zone


A small kitchen depends on the layout and zoning. As much as possible, arrange the small kitchen to has a flexible zone. Make it looks like a spacious area by arranging items not piled up and crowded. This kitchen is one of the best examples.  The spacious empty hallway between the countertops and the bar counter provides flexibility in the kitchen. 

2. Keep it simple and looks alluring


Be realistic! Don't put a lot of stuff in the tiny kitchen! Keep the essential items you need there. Arrange as neatly as possible. Furthermore, give a touch of creativity according to your favorite style. For example, designing an all-purple kitchen that looks homey and alluring. 

3. Why not get rid of the upper cabinet? 


In some kitchen designs, sometimes eliminating the upper cabinet is a solution to get a well-organized kitchen. Kitchens without upper cabinets look spacious and airy. Instead of big closed boxes, use floating shelves to put handy cooking ingredients there. However, this must be accompanied by adequate safety guard. 

4. Store occasional items in another area


Not all kitchen utensils have to be in the kitchen or cooking area. Choose which ones you often use and which ones you don't. Keep what you rarely use in other cabinets, which are not in kitchen area, no problem. Instead, it makes the kitchen looks tidy. 

5. Keep countertops clean


It's normal when the kitchen is messy when used. Your task is to clean and tidy up the kitchen as best you can afterwards. The kitchen will appear more organized by keeping the countertops clean, without kitchen knick-knacks. A clean kitchen design like this makes you satisfied to stare at a small kitchen. 

6. Use the best color choice


The green kitchen is a favorite of many people. It gives a natural, fresh vibe to the kitchen. Although the kitchen displays a lot of kitchen furniture, the combination of white and green will give a bright and clean kitchen atmosphere. 

7. Have more drawers

Having kitchen drawers is important when planning kitchen storage. Cabinets store the kitchen vertically, good to store pots. However, drawers can store small kitchen furniture, such as knife blocks, organizing spices, and more. 

8. Pick open shelving


A small kitchen without wall cabinets feel airier. Pick an open shelving to maximizing kitchen storage, without making the kitchen so crowded. 

Hopefully, those Top 8 Tips Small but Organized Kitchen Designs are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small kitchen ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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