Affordable Small House Design 5 x 6 Meters (30 Sqm) for Small-land Owner -- We will invite you to see the popular small house designs. Woodnes't works have been viewed over 10 million times.

Design of a small house in an area of 5 x 5 meters, intended for a small family dwelling or a couple. The interior design in a good arrangement makes this house still feel spacious. This house design is great for those who have limited land and want to build a house on a budget. 

For more details, here are Affordable Small House Design 5 x 6 Meters (30 Sqm) for Small-land Owner.

1. Minimalist house facade


This house's facade takes the shape of a building in a minimalist design. A symmetrical cube with a gable roof and sloping corrugated roof on the terrace. Even in its simplest most basic form, this gives the house a dynamic appearance. To keep the house clean and bright, use whitewashed wood plank style walls. 

2. Functional exterior features

Let's take a look at another exterior features of this house design. Roof design in the shape of symmetrical gable. Using an exterior door with a short middle location to balance the house. 

The terrace floor is raised to make the house look dimensional. The terrace area can also be used as an outdoor sitting room, complete with an outdoor bench and greenery. 

3. House plan


As you can see, you will have some of the space that a standard house requires. A living and kitchen/dining area with dimensions of 4.75 m x 2.72 m. A bedroom measuring 3.4 m x 2.9 m. A bathroom in an area of 2.9 m by 1.2 m. 

4. Interior design

This small house is quite spacious and packed full of smart small-space design ideas. The height of the ceiling from the ground is about 12 feet. It gives the room a cool and not so stuffy feeling. 

There will be an open-living area with a kitchen and dining area. Installing a washer/dryer in the kitchen can increase work efficiency. Meanwhile, use sleek storage in the bedroom to get a spacious bedroom. You can also install water heating and a standard flush/composting, or incineration toilet in the bathroom. 

5. Spacious living and kitchen-dining area 


This is the design of a single room in a 3-D concept. Using white walls and smooth wood-colored floors to give the impression of being spacious. The open L-shaped kitchen occupies a corner space nicely. The center of the living area is a standard two-seater sofa facing a wall-mounted TV.

6. Cozy bedroom ideas

This room looks nice. A queen-size bed can placed in a specially designated area. There's no need to be concerned about feeling cramped, as this bedroom features glass windows, white walls, and a mirror to create the illusion of a bigger space. A workstation and a small wardrobe are also available. 

Thanks for reading Affordable Small House Design 5 x 6 Meters (30 Sqm) for Small-land Owner. Those are small house designs and ideas to give you an overview of affordable and livable small house designs. What do you think? Would you like to try the designs and floor plan? 

To get the best small house design for you, consult with a professional architect. 

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