Clean and Cozy Boho-Scandinavian Designs and Decor Ideas -- We will invite you to see and admire this lovely interior design. We define this house as having a Scandinavian-Boho style setting. This is a mashup of minimalist style that emphasizes functionally, and unfettered design for optimal comfort. We are amazed by the simple arrangement with a cozy and warm feel displayed here. Let's take a look at these clean and cozy Boho-Scandinavian designs and decor ideas. Who know, you get interesting from here. 

Impressive simple living room


We love how this living room looks simple, but still cozy and nice. Neutral walls with a mixture of handcrafted decorative items brighten up the space. A clean-lined gray sofa with more soft cushions makes anyone want to sit and enjoy a relaxing time there. 

Relaxing bedroom 

There is nothing happier than having a simple bedroom, but so relaxing. Make rest more quality. A low bed with several layers of soft furnishings, with different patterns and textures, helps with that. You can even place a devil's ivy plant to refresh your visuals and provide quality air while you sleep. 

Bright kitchen area


Get a natural and peaceful atmosphere with Scandi-Boho interiors. Applying it to the kitchen makes you enjoy every time you are in this area. The all-white kitchen with subtle wood accents brings a splash of nature and freshness into the room. By adding a versatile island table, which makes the kitchen dimensional, and you can use it as your needs. 

Add monochromatic soft textile

Injecting comfort in the kitchen, you can add monochromatic soft textile in the form of a rug like the picture. This rug keeps the kitchen simple and functional, preventing you from falling off the slippery floor. Rug also makes this area more lively and looks good. 

Let the light and air in


The goal of Boho-Scandinavian interiors is to have a simple home, close to nature, and very personal. Making sure every room has windows will help the room feel natural. The wide windows make the kitchen have good natural air circulation. Natural lighting also provides a better sense of comfort than using electric light all the time. 

Functional kitchen space

Boho Scandi is all about how you feel, without making it look weird. Keep it as simple as possible, but make you feel comfortable. Have a kitchen in white with sustainable kitchen furniture and decor. Add plant decorations at several points for  a fresh kitchen look. 

Thanks for reading Clean and Cozy Boho-Scandinavian Designs and Decor Ideas. Hopefully, those ideas and pictures are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small bathroom ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
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