Small Family House Design Ideas with 65 Sqm TFA -- For whom do we work hard to build a dream house? Obviously, not just for yourself. The dream house is also for your beloved family, for those who are still single, at least for the future family. 

Owning a house start with choosing the best design. You can make this house design and plant the best inspiration. Let's take a look at these Small Family House Design Ideas with 65 Sqm TFA.

Ground floor plan

Tiny House Design

The floor plan and spatial arrangement is quite ideal for a small family with 2-4 people living in it. Here, you'll get: 
  1. living area with a size of 3.5 m by 4.0 m (16 sqm)
  2. dining area with  size of 3.00 m by 4.00 m (14 sqm)
  3. bedroom 1 with a size of 3.5 m by 3.00 m (11 sqm)
  4. kitchen area with a size of 14 sqm
  5. bedroom 2 with a size of 3.5 m by 3.0 m (11 sqm)
  6. toilet and bath with a size of 3.00 m by 1.8 m (5 sqm)

Simple yet fresh front building

Tiny House Design

Consider a simple building front design to save money and time on construction. As simple as fresh as this design. The symmetrical flat building looks modern with the wall-advanced accents in contrasting white and gray. It's even better with a container garden with blooming flowers here. 

Right side view

The side building is flat and has windows for the room in the back of the house. It also has a staircase made of steel for access to the roof floor. Even though this staircase is simple, it somehow makes the house look more dynamic. 

Versatile roof deck features

Tiny House Design

A roof deck is an interesting exterior feature of this house design. The flat roof construction allows for the creation of a functional roof. You can make this a relaxing place or an outdoor party area.

The roof floor area is large enough to accommodate outdoor furniture such as seating, grill sets, or even potted trees. These feature will complement your free time.

Roof floor plan

The designer, Tiny House Design is so kind to display a roof plan reference of this design. This roof is used as a relax and party in an area of 65 square meters or 6.5 meter by 10.0 meters. 

Interior design: stay connected

The interior design allows each occupant to stay connect. As seen, the living area is separated from the other areas by a half-solid wall that also serves as a TV backdrop. This creates the illusion of spacious, while also allowing for constant interaction with other residents of the house. 

Dining and kitchen design

Despite being fairly small, you can still have a large and open space. Make use of it as a dining area and kitchen. With blue chairs that contrast nicely with the white dining table. Meanwhile, a practical small kitchen with a simple and minimalist arrangement will appear spacious and airy. 

Master bedroom design

Tiny House Design

The first bedroom serves as a master bedroom. Designed to meet the needs of adult there. A large bed for a couple can be placed. You can take a break while watching your favorite TV shows. As the bed facing the tv-mounted wall. There is still space for a minimalist or dressing table, depending on your needs. 

Bedroom 2 design as a kid's bedroom

The second bedroom can be used a child' bedroom. The arrangement of the rooms is made in line with the previous design. You can put a standard bed with a tv-mounted wall feature here. Make it kid-friendly by putting their dolls in or adding a brightly colored accent wall. 

Thanks for Small Family House Design Ideas with 65 Sqm TFA. Hopefully, those pictures are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small house designs and ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : Youtube/Tiny House Design is a collection of minimalist home designs and floor plans from simple to modern minimalist homes. In addition, there are several tips and tricks on home decorating various themes. Our flagship theme is the design and layout of the house, the inspiration of the living room, bedroom, family room, bathroom, prayer room in the house, the terrace of the house and the child's bedroom.

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