Top 7 Home Exterior Makeover Ideas -- A well-designed house exterior area will add value. You can add an outdoor entertainment feature there. Creating an enjoyable home oasis there. A nice exterior design will also enhance the curb appeal. Instead of leaving the looking empty, implement one or more of the top 7 home exterior makeover ideas below:

1. A clean and fresh swimming pool

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You are lucky if you have a big backyard. There are many features that you can make for this 'exterior makeover' concept. You can have a beautiful entertainment area with a large swimming pool. Interesting design from Mariana Gurgel Architecture's project. A crystal clear swimming pool will round out your summer holiday. 

2. Adding a pergola

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Imagine having a shady exterior area with a clear pool nearby. It will a safe haven, your place to chill and unwind. You just need to add a super charming wooden pergola like this one. Voila, you get a shady lounge area on the house's exterior. 

3. Inviting exterior features

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Maria Carolina V. Sanita's projects do more than just make the owners happy. It also captivates guests. Home exterior design ideas with the perfect composition. A swimming pool yard and gathering features are so inviting for an outdoor activity to take place there. 

4. Wooden floors and sun lounger

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Consider the design of the house's exterior floor or footing. A courtyard with a pool looks great with a wooden deck like this. The wooden deck floor is quite-safe especially when you get out of the pool. Adding a sun lounger completes your home exterior makeover plan. 

5. Outdoor dining chairs

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If everything is in order, wouldn't it be nice to have a seat outside? All you need is an outdoor dining table and chairs, as shown in the image. It would be better if there was a big umbrella to shade it. 

4. Adding a green yard

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When it comes to home exterior makeover ideas, it feels incomplete without a green garden feature there. Convery the vacant land into a refreshing green space. Fill it with a lawn and outdoor plants. Pour out your gardening hobby here. 

7. Get a nice outdoor shower

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Exterior landscaping with a swimming pool is even more perfect with the outdoor shower feature. You can install an outdoor shower close to the pool. Use marble or waterproof tiles that are different from the surrounding material to highlight the outdoor shower area.

Hopefully, those Top 7 Home Exterior Makeover Ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about home exterior designs and ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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