7 Outdoor String Light Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Isn't nice to be outside on a fresh evening? Spending the night in the backyard will feel perfect with adequate lighting. Beside the main lights, string lights are a good way to complete your outdoor space. String lights can work as ambient, accents, or decorative lights. 

So, to give you even more string light ideas, here are 7 outdoor string light ideas.

1. String light for a cozy night

Without lighting you may feel nothing at night. Lighting gives you everything you need for a backyard night. Even the night lighting contributes to the warm and cozy atmosphere. As in the pictured, you might consider surrounding the backyard patio with string lights. 

2. Beautify the vertical space with string lights


String lights can be used to decorate the vertical space with a red-white shade. Strings light will provide decorative lighting by transmitting its light. The dim lights option warms up the patio. Hang in a crisscross pattern and unite in the center light for a dynamic feel. 

3. Stunning string light roof


Have a dreamy outdoor space that shines right before your eyes. Install as many string lights as you like. Place these decorative light in a stylish and colorful pattern around the top vertical area, even forming a luminous shade. This arrangement will allow you to get a romantic night. 

4. String light that sets the mood


Your outdoor space requires more than just bright and big lighting. Sometimes the spotlight of a string light will help you to get the desired mood. It's a great idea to add a string light to complement your Boho backyard. 

5. Tree wrapped in string light


As the season change, it's time to decorate the outdoor space with thematic items. String light decoration ideas like this one make a happy summer even better. A lovely tree wrapped in 5mm holiday string lights. These 5mm string lights add a decorative flare to the home garden. 

6. String light for a more elegant look


Get a little sparkle in your backyard by installing the string lights or bistro lights. This kind of lights add such an elegant touch to your backyard. It creates the warm and lovely ambience that's great for a casual chat. 

7. Vibrant string lights for a happy holiday


Enjoy your holidays in variety of ways. It's even a good idea to camp in backyard of the house. Get a warm, bright atmosphere there. You can attach a string light with a vibrant little dot like this. It will liven up your backyard.   

Hopefully, those 7 Outdoor String Light Ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about outdoor lighting ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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