7 Rock Garden Ideas and Tips To Spark Your Creativity

Helloshabby.com -- Get creative with the outdoor space you have. Whether big or small, it doesn't matter. There are many ways and styles of gardens to create a stunning piece of landscaping. One of them uses garden rocks into something more than just a borders. The rocks can be used to accent or highlight a garden. 

We've rounded up our favorite for 7 rock garden ideas and tips to spark your creativity

1. Let your feet touch the safe gravels


There will be no more muddy soil when you walk to patio or garden seating. You can add extra layer of gravel above ground level. Pick the gravel in more blunt texture so as not to hurt your feet when you step on it. This gravel bed also adds a nice contrast between the grasses. 

2. Incorporate pebbles


A garden with paved patio is more practical in terms of upkeep. However, make the pavement have a natural vibe on it. Try to incorporate pebbles than blend into the paving. White pebbles will complement a shady green garden. Then, you put the bistro set there to enjoy cocktail hour. 

3. Make rocks fill the garden


Make a good impression on anyone who sees your front garden. You can even create a rock-filled yard to highlight the rock garden concept. Add a centerpiece with a Japanese sago palm, which thrives in full sun. 

4. Small and narrow black-white rock garden


Rock is a garden element that will spark creativity, regardless of the size of your garden. Similarly, on a narrow and elongated piece of land like this. It's a great idea to dress it up in a contrasting style of white and black rock to create a stunning look. Opting for a tall bamboo potted plant also add a Zen vibe to it here. 

5. Garden gem with stone


Create something eye-catching on a large lawn. You can add a garden gem there. Make something out of these artistically arranged rocks (pictured). The white stones and pebbles are beautifully arranged, with the outer flowers this garden gem will steal anyone's attention. 

6. Rocks to perfect the spilled pot


Spilled pots are an intriguing idea for horizontally arranging garden elements. Let the spilled pot appear to spill rock for a fun loo. Freshen up with a rock spilled pot surrounded by plants such as bromeliads, Moses-in-the-cradles, and other plants. 

7. Garden island with rocks


Create a garden island in a garden with a large lawn. You can create a garden island by covering the ground with white rocks or some kind of sand. Island shape with arches will give such a dynamic garden visual. 

Hopefully, those 7 Rock Garden Ideas and Tips To Spark Your Creativity are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about garden ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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