Best Modern Bahay Kubo for Simple yet Sophisticated Living -- Can't get enough of the bahay kubo tiny house? You should look at this modern bahay kubo design. This house combines modern and native design elements, including Amakan walls.

The gorgeous work of architect Carby Osario from Cebu. This house perfectly describes the netizen's house-goal, providing a simple yet sophisticated lifestyle that makes a life more wonderful.  

More ideas in Best Modern Bahay Kubo for Simple yet Sophisticated Living.

Stunning front building

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The house is constructed with a combination of plain concrete and amakan (woven bamboo walls). This style combines modern and traditional with a chic twis. The house concept is suitable for use in the provinces or the tropics for homes that seem close to nature. 

Enhanced exterior features

The design of the house uses a sloping roof model. This roof shaded the main part of the house perfectly. The terrace has a permanent concrete roof installed so that rainwater does not enter the main door area. The house is also getting better with window features installed well at some point in it. 

Elegant living room

The living room has a cozy vibe that invites anyone. A living room with a soft couch with pieces of furniture that complements the tropical home style. Installed large glass windows provide natural lighting that warms the atmosphere of the house. 

Spacious main room

CGO Design Studio FB

The ground floor serves as a common area. You'll find a living room area adjacent to the kitchen and dining area. All furniture is well arranged in the available space. The room looks nice with a white marble kitchen that stands out. This space feels spacious and airy, thanks to the minimalist arrangement and large windows. 

Mezzanine bedroom design

This house has two bedrooms. One room on the first floor and one on the mezzanine floor. The distance between the bed and the railing is ideal for sleeping safety. The herringbone-pattern wood floor and white walls create a cozy and soothing atmosphere in the room. 

A cool corner

The corner on the mezzanine floor is still usable. You can install a hanging egg chair. Position this egg chair near a window overlooking the fresh outside view. This corner can be a cool place to read or a place to breathe fresh air without having to leave the house.

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