10 Before & After : Stunning Home Transformation

Helloshabby.com -- Building and repairing a house is a long process. It also takes a lot of time and money. So, it's no wonder some people prefer to live in a nearly finished (but safe) house, even if it lacks the desired full furnishings. 

When time and money allow, the house can be remodeled to have a more appealing style and appearance. 

This time, we will invite you to see the gorgeous transformation of the ordinary home into an extraordinary one. Here are 10+ Before & After : Stunning Home Transformation.

Before : Start from outside

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It's time to give an outer building that's getting worn out or fragile a strong exterior touch. The previous wooden walls could be replaced with something more durable and weatherproof. Check out the image below to see how the transformation turned out! 

After: A more modern and sturdy front building

This is the first after the house has been transformed. The outer building is getting a contemporary style by using full concrete with white finish. The exterior features a patterned tile wall that adds an extra layer of elegance to it. 

Before : Unorganized living space

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A disorganized living space will lead to a poor quality of life. This can invite stress or household pests, such as insect or mice. As a matter of fact, the living space should be kept as clean as possible. 

After: A better living space

As a viewer, which one do you prefer? This room or the previous room? A room with clean paint and minimal clutter will undoubtedly look better. The transformation was completed by installing railings on the stairs to improve security in this area. 

Before: functional kitchenette? 

Is it true that a small kitchen that's being used will look messy? The answer could be, but will it always appear sloppy? With good small kitchen arrangement ideas, the kitchen can be neater and more beautiful, right? 

After: The answer is yes

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The kitchen got a good make-over. Messy stuff or clutter. The solution is more storage. The kitchen added upper and lower cabinets to accommodate more kitchen appliances. The kitchen will also look spotless, and it is preferable to use wood-nuances ceramics as countertops. 

Before: small stuffy room

A small bedroom, especially one without windows or good air circulation, is undesirable. This will make you feel stuffy and out of sorts. Think of options to renovate a small bedroom for the better. 

After: More spacious bunk bedroom ideas

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Consider expanding the bedroom if it is indeed too small. Even though this means you have to renovate the wall construction. A small bedroom would be better with a bunk-bed model. The top can function as a bedroom, while the bottom can be used as a workspace or study table. Just make sure to install a sturdy bunk bed construction. 

Before: Previous balcony

Look how untidy this previous balcony was. The owner makes the balcony as a place to dry clothes to mini gardening at home. This is quite functional, but from aesthetic standpoint, a balcony like this will surely discourage anyone from staying there for long. 

After: A clean look balcony

Finally. don't let your outdoor space, even if it's just a small balcony look messy. Your balcony can do better than just a place to hang clothes. Consider repainting the balcony walls white for a cleaner look. 

Throw away all the unused stiff, and fill it with a variety of potted plants. You can also use the clean and fresh balcony a fun outdoor relaxing place. 

Thank you for taking time to read 10+ Before & After : Stunning Home Transformation. Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

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