Soothing Wooden Stilt House Inspired by Nature -- There is a lot to be said for wooden stilt houses. This is a home that will always make you feel fresh. Elevated house from the ground are adaptable. The interior will be protected from animals such as snakes as well as flooding. When everything is secure, the basement can be used as a carport. 

Check out these wooden stilt house designs for an eco-friendly home that blends in with nature. 

Strong house building

We realize that some native house made of bamboo or wooden often look frail. But not in this case. The main foundation appears to use solid wood and red bricks to firmly support the house. Red brick is applied either in a color that matches the wood, giving the impression of a cooler and tropical forest house. 

Versatile basement

The house on stilts, at an awkward height, makes the basement a dark and untouched area. Now with this house. The height applied is suitable for use as a carport. The open model also provides enough lighting, so the basement of this wooden stilt house is still well-reachable. 

Nature-inspired bedroom design

This stilt house is perfect for a vacation home. Features that make vacations feel so real. Leave the red brick exposed without overdoing it for a nice rustic touch. Place a wooden bunk bed and soft mattress with a bluish floral bedsheet for a more refined look and feel. 

Unmistakable modern touch

Don't let living in a wooden house on stilt make you feel out of date! Keep in touch with your surroundings by watching the modern TV attached. A TV not only provides information but also serves as a modern decorative twist that keeps you entertained. 

Enjoyable bathroom

Create an out-of-ordinary bathing experience. The bathroom can be designed to face a garden or an open green field. This will provide a unique and more refreshing bathing experience. If you need more privacy, consider installing curtains or other window coverings. 

Small balcony to relax

Consider adding a balcony or terrace to your home if it overlooks a lush green field. This will be your place to unwind while taking in the fresh air and scenery around you.

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