Top Bunk Room Design Your Kids Will Love -- The bunk bedroom will undoubtedly appeal to children. Children enjoy the feeling of being in a room with their siblings as it bring them close together. The experience of going up and down stairs also makes bunk beds favored by children. A different experience from the the typical bedroom. 

The bunk bed bedroom is also an option for those with limited space for a two-child bedroom. We came up with bunk room ideas that will make your kids feel happy, here are top bunk room design your kids will love

Go neat and stylish

If you're running out of space, don't let your kids sleep in overcrowded space! Instead of laying the beds next to each other, raise them up. Build a one-of-kind bunk bed. Use strong frames and railings to ensure the safety of the bunk bed. 

Minimize the scattered furniture, and give it a white color with yellow accents for a bright and cheerful children's bunk room.   

Add something impactful

Bunk bed is a smart solution for room efficiency in small space. Moreover, use white to create the illusion of a clean and spacious room. You can add something impactful to it. It's a good idea to add patterned red wallpaper to make the room more adorable and loved by children. 

Two beds with long study table

A room dedicated to a child should not only have a bed. Make space for them to study in the room. This bunk bed model offers that. With two beds and a long built-in desk, it's big enough in for two kids to study there. The couches, striped red and white, match the other soft furnishings and make the room more colorful.

Try with different directions

A small square footage with bunk bed can do far more than it looks. Make the arrangement not look too boxy. Try to make the bunk bed face a different direction. The lower bed faces the front side, while the upper bed is more sideways. This is a brilliant way to make a room more dimensional and occupy a corner perfectly.  

Unique railing and wall climbing feature

Boys love a cool bedroom. Present it by installing the upper bed railing in a more contemporary design (pictured). The iron railings that frame the upper bed fully give a sense of privacy and cool visuals. Boys love more this bunk bedroom with walls that accommodate their interest for climbing sports.

Zig zag bunk bed

The triplets want their own bed. But don't worry, one room can be used at once for the three of them. Designing a bunk bed bedroom with three beds there. Arrange it in a zigzag position to allow those sleeping in it to feel cramped and stuffy. 

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