Non-Tacky Green House Decor Ideas for Small Space -- Have you ever seen a green house that you thought was so tacky? Perhaps it's the excessive green color that makes the green color to lose its charm.

This time, we found a green-decorated house that looks fresh and not tacky. Green gets justice and work well in good combination. For ore details, scroll down to ''non-tacky green house decor ideas for small space''.

Inviting green terrace


A terrace or porch will be the home owner's welcoming area. If green is your favorite color, feel free to apply it on the front porch.

It's great to use a combo of dark and light greens on the porch. Paint the walls a light lime green and a darker green for the accents. Freshen up the atmosphere by surrounding yourself with tropical plants on the porch.

The walls don't have to be green

You don't always have to paint the walls of your house green to create a green-themed home. White walls are preferable, especially in small or minimalist homes. The green will shine on its own in the space within the white base.

Green and floral patterns


Greens and patterns are an easy way to liven up a space. You can apply this method to your soft furnishings space. You can apply this method to your soft furnishings. Use green foliage or floral patterns on sofa covers or cushions covers. Green and natural-toned patterns will beautify your small space.

No wasted corner

Embrace a square of box space. If you can't put your couch in the corner of the room, fill it with decorations. Add a standing rack to display space ornaments. Choose ornament items other than green to break up the monotony of the green touch.

Wall-mounted TV


Make the most of your vertical space in a small space. Use it to install slim furniture like a wall-mounted TV. It's great idea to install a wall-mounted clock, which is both a decorative and functional element here.

Green kitchen design ideas

Green stands out here. This kitchen may be the homeowner's favorite place. This green looks great for ceramic tile countertops and room walls. The backsplash is all white with polka-dot pattern. At least this white backsplash breaks up the repetitive green, keeping it from being too green and tacky.

Big green pattern


Small spaces do not have to use small patterns. Dare to apply a large pattern, and it's in shades of green. A bedroom with a low bed provides plenty of space. The large patterns here make it look inviting.

The proud green garden

Display green in your garden if it is your favorite color. A garden doesn't have to be wide; even a small balcony can be transformed into your dream garden.

Fill it with green accents, such as green carpets, green walls, and surely, vibrant green plants. Give it a touch of wood deck flooring to give it a nice garden vibe.

Thank you for taking time to read Non-Tacky Green House Decor Ideas for Small Space. Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

Author      : Yeni
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