Humble Native House with Amakan & Cute Pink Accents -- The house reflects local customs. While many houses are built in a modern style, there's nothing wrong with keeping a home with a native vibe. The native house is proud, as in this one we would talk about. This simple house comes with Amakan walls and a touch of pink that makes the house more sweet and feminine.

Like any other house, this natives house comes with a versatile terrace, a comfy living space, a kitchen and dining area. More ideas, here are simple native house with Amakan & lovely pink accents

This is how the house looks after it has been finished and furnished perfectly. We'll also show you to see picture footage of how this house was constructed from the start to finish. You will know what material was used to construct this pink Amakan house. 

Front building before completion

This native house is expected to last longer. Concrete, which is reputed from being strong and durable, serves as the building's foundation and floor. Half of the walls also use concrete and hollow blocks for fire-resistant houses. 

Impressive Amakan Wall

Concrete makes up half of the homes. The Amakan walls that extend halfway up the house, however, help it to maintain its authentic appearance. This Amakan wall also still allows the sliding windows to fit for good air circulation in the house.  

The smooth coating for extra look

The half-concrete wall is then given a cement coating for a smooth and better look. 

Inside the house

The interior has double walls made of plywood or cement board. The walls were painted in a pink shade. The Amakan touch is not dominant here to emphasize the modern lifestyle in it. 

Native house, nice final look

This is the final view of the house. The half-concrete wall were painted in a lovely shade of pink. The owner achieves a native look by applying natural varnish or lacquer instead of other color paints.  

Simple but cozy living space

Amakan is very distinctive for its bamboo undertones. For the interior, you should not miss a touch of natural wood accent. It makes a native house more complete inside and outside. 

This room uses linoleum floors with wood-inspired prints. When the times comes, this floor can be improved by using a solid wood or wood-tones tiles. 

Eye-catching wallpapers

Another thing that catches the eye is the walls. This native house lines the main room with patterned wallpaper in white and silver. The cement board walls are coated in peach-colored paint for a softer look. The mix of walls gives a cozy, lively atmosphere. 

Lively pink kitchen and dining area

Towards the back of the house, there is a kitchen. The kitchen has a single-line countertop. Adding some cabinets beneath the countertops is one way to upgrade this pink-wall kitchen. 

Pink cozy bedroom

A touch of pink enters elegantly through the choice of bed linen and curtains. The bedroom has a flowery pink curtain that add beautiful and lovely feel to the room. 

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Author      : Yeni
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